Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dawn the owner of Dawn to Dusk Essentials, she is such a pleasure to work with and speak to and she has a radiance about her that pulls you in. I have many of her perfume oils but i am going to review the five pack sampler of Pentagonal Patchouli,yes its getting cooler or should i say cold outside and the darker days are upon us so now i am reaching for more depth in my scents so i decided to sample this Patchouli set, to be honest with you i got a little tired of Patchouli scents because it can be so overpowering and sometimes over shadow the other essential almost like stifling them, but knowing Dawns creations i knew i would not be disappointed.

From reading the description on this collection they all share similar notes of Dark Patchouli,Amber resin, Sandalwood, Cardomom, Rock Rose Resin, Myrrh Co2, Frankincense, Cedarwood Atlas, Agarwood C02, Spikenard and Sea Buckthorn but each has its own twist to set it apart form the rest.

Choco-Chouli - Dark rich and very delicious, this was the first one i sampled from the package and it did not disappoint, its starts off rich and warm and hugs the skin with its rich French Cocoa Absolute and this lingers a bit until it drifts into a sweet wood.

Rosa-Chouli -  I have sampled rose and patchouli perfume before so i was like OK this would probity be the same scent, nope the rose in this is so alive its  like smelling a rose that just open its bud. Beautiful roses upon roses unfolding its petals is what this scent opens with and them on the dry down the patchouli adds a deep alluring scent that last and last until you wash it off.

Cedar-Chouli - Now this one brings back memories of desert rain hot overcast the earth rich aroma scorch by the sun awaiting the first drop of rain. I enjoyed this one for those days when i needed something to call my own rare and special. This is consider masculine but i am loving it.

Rum-Chouli - Dark and mysterious, this is another masculine scent but it smell nice on me and it is not at all over powering.

Pixie-Chouli - Very sweet and Feminine vanilla mix up with a little dirt.Lovely balance of essential perfect for every day wear.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cleaning Clutter and Rediscovering Lost Products

I am on a mission to finish up all my half bottles around the house too much stuff and I need to get rid of the clutter, so it is nice to clean and rediscover things that are hiding on the back of the shelf.

I wash my hands allot and the one thing I do not like is dry hands and dry skin, I have to lotion my hands every time I wash them and not any or every lotion can hold up to this test.

In June of 09 I purchase this Sweet Orange Calendula Cream with organic oils from Mirasol Farm and it’s a life saver so this is yet another revisited product. She still carries this if you want to try it.

Nov. 09 Holiday Offering Spiced Chocolate Jasmine Body Butter and Vanilla Ginger Decadent Body Butter by the talented The Scented Djinn the best for the cold winter months and a little goes a long way and the scent don't get me started on the scent I am wearing the Spiced Chocolate Jasmine Body Butter today and it smells like I just purchased it now it 's been like what a year now and this body butter still holds strong with moisture and smell. You see Justin its 2010 and yes it’s the Holidays again wink wink :)

Nov. 09 amma's rose lotion by Feather Heart Trading Co. now rename as sandalwood rose peace lotion I remember this lotion I am all out yep this one did not last it was used up because unlike the Holiday Offering from The scented Djinn that only came out for special occasion this was my everyday lotion beautifully scented with rose water and sandalwood the oils in this are on the money as well cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, and almond oil. I will repurchase this body butter.

Aug. 09 Vanilla Blossom Organic Salt Scrub with Real Vanilla, Exotic Orange Blossom Absolute, Dead Sea Salts and Mineral Clay by Gabriel's Aunt, now I have scrubs that I got way after I purchase this scrub and when I open them I get the funny oil gone bad smell but not this the scent is still strong its dense and after useing this scrub I do not need to butter up, talk about soft supple skin. She no longer has this listed but she has other scrub that I will try after I use up my lot.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How did you discover ETSY?

I visited the hair forums and blogs often and I never said a word in them I just lurk and someone posted on some hair accessory that she purchase on ETSY so I joined took a look around got some stuff and it was a done deal I fell in love with ETSY, buying from small business, buying natural, supporting people like me with good positive vibes and outlook it gave me a one on one connection with the sellers even though I was buying on line. Now how did you get introduce to ETSY and what was your first purchase from them? My first purchase from ETSY was from Gazzu.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love Heather's eye shadow and I have a few of her other stuff but she is closing shop for good this time around so she says and that’s sad sad news. She is having a sale $2 for her eye shadows and they are going fast so if you’re into that kinda stuff take a look I have a bunch of stuff from her and they are of high quality.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Time out corner

It’s something to consider when you need to get away but cannot make a trip outside your home. Sit in your time out corner, one fill with cushions and lush pillows with cheerful colors and relax in your space. Incense and candles are welcome, gem stone for insight and the third eye a drop of essential oil in your burner and nothing but a clear mind, peaceful heart, happy thoughts and brighter days.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you Ramble

Not much going on with scents these days, do not worry my nose still works but I just blog about what I am feeling at times and trust me there is a lot of new scents that I have tried and I am running out of space to store them, so I do have blog ideas that I am working on and a few new things to review, before all of that I will be posting a blog on my rice and peas and coconut curry shrimp recipe that was requested by Tierra and I did say I would have posted this last Saturday or Sunday I am sorry life got a hold on me. The thing is I really would like to do a video blog on this but I am not sure if that will work out so I will try this weekend if the video blog is no good I will just post step by step instructions. I do apologies and the recipe is coming i promise.

Flower Essence

Flower essence herbal supplements have been my helping hand for the past month and they are great, at the moment I am taking:


Self heal or heal all herb is a good basic start to begin your healing process, awakening one's inner sense of self-development and understanding of wellness. They say it is best to take self heal before you take the other flower essence. Self-Heal is an excellent choice for beginning your personal wellness program. It enhances other flower essences and therapeutic programs, acting as a catalyst in the journey to mind-body health. Taken from the website see link below.

Five Flower Formula

five flower formula with rock rose, clematis, impatiens, cherry plum, and star of bethlehem if you are stress if you have anxiety attack and tension this melts it away this is also good for fussy kids, plants and animals. I take the one in the dropper it also come in a spray, you can add this to your pulse point, under your tongue, in your bath water endless possibilities, this is such a calming products that gets me through the day.

Yarrow Environmental Solution

Yarrow environmental solution is made up of three different variations of yarrow white, pink and golden flowers along with arnica and echinacea these combine together helps to enhance your immune system and give you clarity. I have this in an herbal supplement spray and use it before I go on the computer and throughout the day because I am around the computer Mon-Fri for work; it helps to strengthen the immune system, if you’re prone to allergies and chemical sensitivities, or other forms of immune dysfunction.

For more info on FES visit their website, lots of review and information on their products, and if you would like to give it a try Vitacost has the cheapest price.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scent your Home

Ananda Aromatherapy, 

A magnificent blend of essential oils and flower essences with deep earthy notes, balanced by soft Vanilla tones. Vanuatu Sandalwood,Cedarwood,Frankincense,Vetiver,Vanilla and Princess Island Flower Essences,  blended in a base of Witch hazel and Colorado mountain spring water.
Very Relaxing

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healing Water

My mom use to say whenever we drink coconut water that we were washing our heart, and I use to think it was crazy talk, how can you wash your heart? Pity the fool, life can get demanding and the environment along with medication and just everyday movement can leave us dehydrated thus affect our health causing us to lose essential electrolytes that are found in our bloodstream, Coconut Water contains all five electrolytes found in the blood, including calcium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. If you are dehydration this is your life saver, nothing is more quenching than a cold glass of coconut water, if you can get it from the coconut perfect but if not try O.N.E. coconut water it is very refreshing and the taste unbelievable delicious, I have tried many package coconut water that taste nothing like the real thing but this is the real thing 100% natural. I myself us coconut for many things around the home coconut oil for skin and hair care the extra virgin one that smells of the islands, coconut milk for cooking rice and peas and I make this wicked coconut curry shrimp, what not to love about coconuts.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Being quiet or calm, yep that's what’s been going on around these woods well within me it is still but my surrounding was out of wack. I have not been myself as of late and I got so stress out to the point where I felt empty inside, tired of everything around me wanting everything to go as planned thinking I live in this perfect world were you always get what you wanted, news flash bricks tumbling down and boom it hit me and all came tumbling down at once. What next I ask? and I had to come back down from my high horse and humble my thoughts, humble my emotion and know that whatever happens I must find a way to deal with it find a way to kick it in the rare and send it back where it came from and move forward. We are only human, life will bring obstacles and it’s in our hands to solve those problems. So I have learned how to be still and let the universe take care of itself. I am but only a mere human

Monday, September 13, 2010


I am the lucky winner of this beauty from the lovely Blue Hour Design

Pacing, a stride, trying to get back into this crazy place, I am so off I feel as if I was in a different world for the two weeks that I have been away. I have not unpacked and my stuff is all over the place meaning not as organized as I would love them to be and my body feels strange. My new scent love for the past week are rose, ginger and spice not all together at once but hey maybe they could go together if you think about it that's a good combo, hope to be back soon with some good scented review.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

See you in 2 weeks

The time is going so slowly, I will be on my way to see my Muma Saturday morning so this will be my last post until I return after the 29 of August. As summer comes to an end its staring to slow down around my home and this trip to Jamaica will be one of many relaxing, reading I got the book Eat, Love, Pray that I will be reading on my trip but I will be watching the moving on the 13th as well, meditating, exercising, eating, laughter, and just re-evaluating one’s self.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scent that Linger and a little Vacation

Organic Greens Bar with Bergamot Sandalwood and Lemon, that's what I am bathing with these day got it a while back from Eleneetha shop but don't you love when you take a shower with a good bar of soap the scent lingers on your skin, the scent of  this is a relaxing sandalwood.

So I am going on vacation in two weeks time going to spend it with my mom in Jamaica, I miss that woman and her cooking, am I going to eat some good food.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Health & Skin Care Wednesday


Not only does this Essential oil smell absolutely divine and very costly but it is a gem for problem skin, neroli improves elasticity, reduces thread veins, softens wrinkles and scars. Neroli is one of nature’s most effective antidepressant oils as well. Produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree Neroli is gently uplifting, calming and provides a sense of well-being, rejuvenating effect on the skin and has the ability to stimulate the growth of new and healthy cells. In my eyes this is a power essence with many use and benefits, so the next time your down take a sniff of this fine oil and use it in your skin care from time to time in a hydrosol or a serum. I recommend Nerola Verde to scent the body, Jasmine Neroli Rose Body Oil is lovely one to apply after your bath. Good luck finding Neroli facial oil, Eleeleneetha had one the other day that is a treat for your skin and senses but it’s not listed any more so keep on the lookout.


I am back in the gym yea and it feels very refreshing, am I the only one that likes to apply something uplifting or calming to accompany me to the gym. Yesterdays choice was this Eau De Cologne Spray from eleneetha shop and guess what it has the most zesty lemonade scent that just gets me perky and it also has Neroli in it blink blink. Yesterdays work out was legs 5 reps of 10 for each exercise I call this the burn out mission when you reach your breaking point and you push yourself to the limit. I do 10 min on the uphill before each workout and after each workout and I also stretch. Exercise gets the blood flowing and that’s a good thing and it also make you feel and look good, so I say make time for a little cardio and thanks to SS for the push.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vireo Part Two


The composition on Hedone is well constructed and illustrates great romance and strength. The story of timeless love that is what Hedone brings to me, as a child watching black and white films the glam of a time unforgotten. A solid foundation of the sacred and very pricey Agarwood that lends a dark resinous and oriental note to this solid perfume cream , this balances perfectly with four different roses and laces well over other notes of frankincense, myrrh, orange, labdanum and vanilla.
The opening of Hedone is somewhat rich and spicy it warms up nicely on my skin, wear this perfume cream when you’re feeling romantic, sultry and like a sex kitten.


A meditative oil home grown, home brew sweet grass infusion, with a lending hand from other essential of lavender, clary sage and vanilla that come alive when applied to skin warm, sweet and relaxing. Other notes of hay and carrot seed on the dry down without reading the ingredient list I smelled oakmoss but I guess hay and carrot seed will give that impression. Wear this when you’re going to meditate, do a little yoga or to bed. HUM

Lapsang Tea
Black Lapsang Tea infusion sets the tone this is a smoky, fruity smell. Mix it with a little vanilla, mix it with a little rose use it on its own. It’s good like that and so very different from anything you've used in the past. Wear this whenever you take your next nature walk to the park and enjoy as the sun warms your skin and the scent of Lapsang Tea sings scented melodies. Enjoy


Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's my Birthday

Well not today but on Saturday July 24 i will be bla bla bla bla, i have been treating myself no not treating spoiling myself with scented and pretty things from magical places.

First i got these earrings from bluehourdesigns

and can i have these please?
and then i got new scented things from VireoPerfumes did not get these in the mail as yet, but i got my big box from Eleneetha in the mail yesterday from Eau De Cologne Spray, to Kyphi Potion smells so good, to facial scrubs, facial and body potion all the way to soaps. Talk about Christmas in July.

Facial Night

I do a facial once per week and this is my run down for tonight’s facial.

1. Wash with Eleneetha Roses and Cream Soap

2. Scrub face with Eleneetha Swamp Hag Facial Cleanser what a treat please if you don't have this get it before it is all gone i wish i could buy and store this one i do hope she make it again.

3. GoW fermented Pumpkin/Papaya Enzyme Mask

4. Steam with flowers of roses and lavender with essential oil of lavender.

5. Clay mask, I love how Glacial Clay Mask works on my skin but GoW is out of stock and i am searching high and low for a new supplier but no luck.

6. Hydrosol

7. One of Eleneetha Facial potion just might be my new Facial Protection Serum the scent of this words cannot explain just think of yourself surrounded in orange blossom sweet sweet sweet Neroli.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hemp Seed

Nutty hemp seed oil is my hairs new love, I eat the nuts with my yogurt and blueberry in the mornings and now i will share with you my hair butter that i made using Hemp oil.

The oil is of high nutritional value because its 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids, which matches the balance required by the human body.In cosmetic and body care products, Hemp Seed Oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, balances dry skin, fights skin inflammations, helps heal skin lesions, has anti-oxidants, and contains moisture balancing properties. The oil is non-greasy, readily absorbs into the pores, is an emollient, and has rejuvenating and moisturizing properties for the skin. Adult users of Hemp Seed Oil have reported softer skin, and stronger nails and hair after only a few weeks of using 1-2 Tablespoons per day. The vitamins and minerals present in Hemp Seed Oil are easily absorbed through the skin, resulting in a more vitamin and mineral enriched body care product.

Hemp Seed Hair Butter
1 oz  Shea Butter
4 table spoon coconut oil
4 table spoon hemp seed oil
Essential oil of choice
I used 6 drops Jane Carter nourishing serum and 3 drops of Euphoria type Essential Oil Blend a jasmine, rose and sandalwood blend from FigLeafSoap
Mix it up and your good to go.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Combo that rock my world

Who would think that cypress would go so nicely with jasmine well it does,  Nyctanthous from Faunfare on ETSY is amazingly feminine and delicate like the petals of a jasmine and violet flower but yet clean with a bit of cypress.

Classic Vetiver Rose Body Oil from Eleneetha, was i missing out on this beauty yet another blend that blew me away. Relaxing vertiver deep and smokey with a hit of sweet delicate rose otto. This body oil is light tenacious, and a must try.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crytal Power

For centuries Crystal and other Gems have been uses for their magical healing powers.

Rose Quartz
The bringer of love

The Healer


Romantic love, passion and protection from evil.

Let me know what stones you like.
For  precious Gems and Crystal NoStoneLeftUnturned2 is the place to shop.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vireo (Part 1)


Are you one for scents that tells a story, a scent that goes beyond top, middle and base notes, scents that are alive and has a journey that takes you to a far away time and place, scents that lives on? If you are, you've come to the right place because this the first installment of a three part scent journey into vireo's world. I enjoy this new space on ETSY, her energy draws me into her space, her description takes me to what she sees and its just magical.

Coco Violette

Her description for this is almost edible and it sure is, its supple and sweet feminine without the flowers but captivating and cozy. This scent is yummy with notes of blood orange, cardamon, violet, Cassie for a touch of spice, coco absolute for warmth, and vanilla for a little sweets, my only wish for this scent is for it to linger a little longer and guess what she listen and now it comes in a more amped up version. I would imagine if I could make Violette ice creams these would be my ingredients. Yum

Smoke Follows Beauty

Dark and moist, green and lush, tantalizing mossy twigs. It wraps up together in one to create this breath taking rich scent. With notes like hay, Guaiacwood these two are at the beginning of this scent and as the journey goes on I get what might be the Lapsangs souchong (Vireo infusion), and at the end sandalwood and vanilla takes it home. Long lasting, stayed with me all day.

Madagascar & Tahitian Vanilla Oil

Yummy Yum Yum goodness I have never smelled a vanilla infusion so rich, sweet, syrupy, dripping caramel yumness. Wow this takes me to someplace good I wanna taste it it looks edible and smells delectable. She sent me a sample of this and I had to get a vial for my stash.

I enjoy these creation and will be on the look out for new listing on Vireo.

Coco Violette $12 1/8 oz dram vial

Smoke follows beauty $9 1/8 oz dram vial

Madagascar & Tahitian Vanilla oil $9 1/8 oz dram vial

Friday, June 11, 2010

Living Skin Care

Would you like to have something simple and pure for your face? Living skin care.
Take a look at these lovely finds over at Eleneetha.

Swamp hag facial cleanser, the best i have used to date.
Frankincense facial protection serum for a little TLC.
Patchouli vanilla potion for the goddess in you, this makes me glow.

Hurry her menu changes every week.


Take a look at this video.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Bee

I have been a lazy and busy bee these days, family and friends are going to fill my home this summer starting on Saturday, so I am busy cleaning house and its hard work and then the heat drains all my energy but I still love you my dear sun.

I plan on going thrifty to get a dining table but the boys don't enjoy my style for strange and crusty looking things, so they try to talk me out of it all the time. They love new and shiny while I love old and vintage. My dad and I went to Home Goods last weekend and I pick up an wooded art for my wall on sale for only $10, two mirror with wood around then for $5 each and a small picture for $2 I live for a sale by the way, he was like where are you going with that I was like it looks vintage and used so I will buy it thank you.

I need to attend to my garden and the flowers they are being neglected because on the weekend I spend time with my dad and sisters along with G, so my home and yard do not get the time and attention it deserve but at times I just want to get away from it all and that is where the laziness kicks in. I think the sun hits my home the hardest so everything that I plant dies from the blazing sun, gots to find shade to keep them safe it can get pretty hot here in Florida blazing hot.

So now that summer is in and what I cannot go to the beach because of the oil spill are you freaking telling me that my summer will be beach less? What fun is summer if iIlive in Florida with great beaches and weather and all I can do is look and do not touch? What about our health come on get it together if you destroy everything that God creates what do you think will happen to you in the near future.

New scents are coming in the mail this weekend i hope and i just wanna smell hurry up mailman hurry. Two need discoveries on ETSY Vireo Perfumes and Midnight Gypsy Alchemy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mood Shift

I have been a little out of it as of lately and I just could not put my fingers on it like what is the matter with me yes that is me speaking to myself I do it all the time (I am not crazy).

I was feeling a little fatigued, scent is a mood shifter this I know I started using blends with fragrance oil just a tad for something different you know at times you need a change, but my head started feeling funny my mood was crazy the negative feelings started creeping in and I was just down for no reason I mean I have problems in my life like we all do but this had nothing to do with that. I think that the perfume gave me the negative fibe so now I am back to using only natural scents. Problem solved because i fell upbeat.

The power of nature essential oils and plant base material and the benefits of using natural base products.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movie Night

One of my summer adventures is to go to the movies once per week. Last seen shrek the final chapter with my younger sister and I must say it was funny. Tonight is Prince of Persia I hope it's a good watch.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Top 10 summer beauty things you must have and do

1. Sun screen- Yep Rainwater Botanical has a few one for the body and one for the face and her products are always on the money, good natural and price right products.
2. Lip balm- Rainwater Botanical again has a nice tangerine lip balm and I love Skin Journeys Italian mint lip balm. I have one in my bag and one by my bed.
3. Facial Mist- Sappo bubbles has a few home distill in pretty glass bottles very fancy stuff. Spay them every time you wash your face and use them to mix your clay.
4. Foot care- time to bring out the flip flaps so the ped egg is a good buy along with Skin Journey Volcanic Ash & Mint foot scrub and Indonesian Aloe & Hydroxy Acid foot treatment. Trust me baby soft.
5. Facial- keep it Light and do a facial every week scrub, steam and clay mask. Your face will glow for summer, remember to replenish after each facial.
6. Body- Take a wash with Eleneetha soap they are the best I should know I have a box full under my bed. Scrub once a week I like salt scrub from skin bath and body her soaps are good too, but if you fancy sugar go for it, soak with Selah from Skinfolk once per week it detox and makes your skin soft, moisturize every time you wash to replenish your skin in the summer I like scented oils over heavy butters.
7. Shave- Use a shaving soap Etsy has a few and my fave is Urbanedan smooth legs shaving soap it smells like roses.
8. Hair- keep it simple its no fuss hair, I clay wash once per month, conditioner wash every weekend and I love me some coconut oil from Diosa Botanical.
9. Fragrance- lots of body splash they are light and you spray them on you body and on your cloths just refreshing i request my body splash from Rainwater Botanical a few of my faves are Jasmine winds, Chamomile, and Rain all day. Perfume nice florals and citrus to bring on the summer.
10. Now this is the last and most important Top 10 things to do for summer enjoy each day, plan summer adventures make it last as long as the sun is up and on into the night. LIVE PEOPLES

Friday, April 30, 2010


Finally something that works.

I search high and low for a natural deodorant for years and finally i found two that works one i use at night the other at day.


Ozonated olive oil deodorant & skin treatment, i use this at nights and whenever I shave, and it totally repair my pits from those awful boils and burnt skin that i got from other deodorant. This first press olive oil is saturated with ozone (said to be a natural bacteria killing agent) made from ambient air, What is this you ask? I do not know, i did my research on this and i like what i read as to if it is true i do not know i am being honest. The smell of this is nutty and spicy and true to an olive scent. I have been using this for a month now and the container is still to the brim so this will last for some time i think. I keep it in the door of my fridge. Do your own research on this beauty and if you know anything about this product educate me, but all i have to say is my pit are ready for summer and they don't have to hide anymore.

The All Natural Face

Vegan crystal deodorant,main ingredient are Potassium alum (some say its good some say its bad), aloe, Essential oils, and let me just say it work no brake out no burnt skin and it smell good but the scent does not last, you still perspire and that's a good thing people you need to sweat.

I say do your own research if you are interested in these products.

Vegan Crystal Deodorant 3oz $7.50

Ozonated Olive Oil Deodorant 1oz $9.95

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jameel by The Scented Djinn

Find you a warm patch in the park, put on your girlie skirt with ruffles and lace, pair it with a platform wedge and a tank top, maybe even a straw hat. Lay your picnic blanket on the grass, kick back and embrace the cool summer breeze and warm sun, open up to your surrounding be in tuned with your senses. That is what Jameel is about ,a cool summer's day.

She opens up vibrantly with sharp green notes, petitgrain hits me to my core, then drifting in and out are the different synergy of citruses just what I ask for on these cooler days before we hit dead on in the blazing sun. Slowly a soft sweet caring floral makes it's way present, this is the Gardenia, Neroli, and Osmanthus speaking, and it brings out the girl in me with pig tails and a romp in the park. At the ending I get something pure, clean, grounded and rare, precious Oudh something memorable that I will take with me for a long time, summer of 2010 and along comes my favorite song ,the long walks on the beach, the picnic in the park when Jameel accompanies me and hug me closely to her.

There is nothing subtle about Jameel nothing demure, she is bold, she takes her stand and makes an impression. She lingers for a while staying for a few hours before re-application is necessary, reminders that she is still around. I wore this scent for one week not once did I get tired of smelling it I craved it more and more each morning I reach for it whenever I wanted that uplifting feeling and the reminder that summer is finally here, how much do I love these cool spring days and I thank you sweet sweet Jameel for your bright vibration.

Justine Crane the Creator of The Scented Djinn and all things complicated and different, something you could call your own whenever you wear one of her creation. This lady is talented (an understatement) and she puts the weirdest things together and they turn out to be the most unique scent i have ever smelled, never once did i smell one of Justine creations and though to myself how i smelled that before. I am always surprise and blown away when i purchase anything from Justine. Embark in what she does with such passion and love what else would you expect. Innovative with her Natural Botanical Perfume she delivers and i am never dissatisfied she only leave me wanting more and stalking her ETSY for new listing.

Jameel comes in an 5ml magenta screw top bottle for $27.00

Monday, April 19, 2010


Expelled from the Cocoa Beans come the sweet aroma of Cocoa Butter, i am loving Coco Butter in every way these days, in my hair, on my skin, as a face mask, hot coco drink you name it i use it. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats containing natural antioxidants that prevent it from going bad thus giving it a shelf life of two to five years.

Cocoa Butter repairs and protect the skin making it good for mama's growing belly. I just reorder some Cocoa Butter and will start mixing up some goodies for my friends and love one, everyone keeps asking me for old products that i gave to them in the past and i have no idea what they are talking about so this time when i make goodies i need to label them don't you think.

I did a well over due facial two days ago that i called mint chocolate spa day, i have this amazing refreshing exhilarating mint scrub from GOW that just refreshes your skin like no other, after that i steam my face with lavender, jasmine flowers and lemon balm with a drop of lavender essential oil and that open up my pores letting out all the gunk. Then yes how the Chocolate mask followed i mix part chocolate powder with part clay and my skin looks and feel revived.

I remember once we went to the country in Jamaica and there was a cocoa tree in the yard with this big yellow fruit growing on it that the elders pick and we ate the meat from inside i cannot describe to you what it taste like because this was long ago but i do remember it being yummy, and them they roasted the seed and then we had a brick of chocolate to make our hot chocolate tea with. Fun Times

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you love the Warmth of the Sun like i love the Warmth of the Sun?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Bring bath time back. Yes she did, Trisha from skinfolk is such a talented lady with her butters and bath soaks. Trisha Salah Sachets are not to be missed, you must try these. It is filled with so many yummy ingredients too much for me to list now so i will post the link to Salah Sachets.

I received a sample of this Sachet with my very first order from Skinfolk, and as soon as i got it i took a soak, and just let me tell you all my stress and tension melted away. The water in the tube look like a big cup of herbal tea, the aroma of lavender relaxed me, the different mixtures of salt purify and add mineral, mint stimulate while the honey and buttermilk soften and moisturize my skin. After my soak i fell new and refresh, ready for a good night sleep.

I vow to take a soak once per week, and i thank skinflow for sending that sample.
Trisha is having a special for the Salah Sachets at one cent shipping that is a deal so grab grab grab.
One Salah Sachet $3.00
Four Salah Sachet $10.00

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sage and Mage

Do you crave Sunshine and Cocoa? well i do, i have been craving yearning for the sun to shine down and warm my bones for the longest and along came the craving for Chocolate body products.

Well to my surprise i found Sage and Mage ETSY, and i had to order.

Good Morning- With notes like Jasmine, Neroli, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Rosewood, and Vanilla bean Tincture who am i to say no to all those bright beaming essential oil willing to give me a slice of their joy. These oils are blended so well together that no one overpower the other yea i know the citrus rule this blend but Jasmine and Neroli lends a helping hand with their soft floral embrace.

Cocoa Chai- Vanilla spice and everything nice makes up this blend, now i have been craving a Cocoa scent for the longest and then this came along, man does it smell good and it stayed with me all day becoming something on it's own when i put this on my wrist. Warm and seductive just cozy as a hot cup of Cocoa Chai tea with spice like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Boy ho Boy this is yummy.

These blend are in an alcohol and oil base so do not apply to clothing just to the wrist and all the places on your body that makes you tingle.

Good Morning and Cocoa Chai $15.00
sage and Mage

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainwater Botanical

Its spinning into spring and now it is a time to take a look at my skincare. I have things under control with acne and all but you still have to maintain and keep things clear. I have been using Rainwater Botanical products for almost or over a year now i really never stay with things for such a long time because i always wanna try and change stuff even if i am getting good results. I learn these days i am keeping it simple and if it is not broken do not try to fix it.

I reorder my trouble skin serum along with some new product for spring and summer, i decided to try Sea Buckthorn skin care kit consist of facial cream, serum and a soap.

*Sea Buckthorn & Carrot Nutritive day Hydration- This is very light and perfect for spring and summer skin care because my skin feels moisturized and cool at the same time not heavy with lots of oils and butter but just the right amount of nutrient to feed your skin.

*Sea Buckthorn & Pomegranate Intensive Treatment serum- Now this is the power house of all power house my skin is soft to the touch as soon as i apply this serum it is packing some very impressive stuff it smells good and yes i am in love with this serum.

*Sea Buckthorn Nutritive Facial Soap- This soap impress me i must say its like washing your face with a thick oil that suds yes it clean with out stripping your face instead your skin feels soft and looks clear ready for the next step.

Sara is an amazing person i tell her this all the time, she answers your convo's and i feel like she is a friend, i just love her vibes and she is a sweet sweet person that goes all out to help. Along with the things i order she sent me a new eye cream that is not listed as yet to test. Fun and joke aside the Intensive eye cream is the best i ever used the skin around my eye is soft and i look alive when i wake up in the mornings well rested and ready for my day, pack with helichrysum extract, green tea extract, buckthorn oil, borage seed oil just to name a few this list goes on and one, and a little goes a long way so this will last for a long time as with all her products.

Sea Buckthorn Skin care kit $24.50
Sea Buckthorn Try me Kit $4.00
Rainwater Botanical

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yes she spoke yesterday with loud music, dancing and singing, incense burning, candles blazing, fish frying, rice and peas bubbling all took place last night at 11PM at night, we laugh, talk and enjoyed each other's company and i think that's the way it should be at times but you cannot guess why all this took place because the TV gave out when you don't have a TV man do you get a lot of things done.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Vibes

-This weekend was one of stalking Eleneetha Etsy for the new Sandalwood body butter.

-Hunting down Corinne Bailey Rae new CD Called The Sea.

-Soak up the sunlight for a few.

-Cook Saturday afternoon steam fish with green banana and yellow yam, and Sunday shrimp pasta.

-Vibing on two new CD that i got on sale at target.

-Stayed in all day Saturday so you know i did all my street walking on Sunday.

-Clay wash my hair, i needed to do a second clay wash but i was being lazy, the hair still looks good.

-My Dad and the girls came over Saturday so we had fun times.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good4You Teas

I love me some tea, i am always drinking tea no matter the time of day, its very soothing and healthy. Good4you tea makes it fun with their blends and the names just have me going because i am a big Bob Marley fan when i play his music it puts me in a place of serenity. She has a few other goodies in her Etsy shop so take a look.

With names like 1 Love, Natural Mystic, Satisfy My Soul, and Judge Not who could resist.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Pure Earth Hair Wash

This hair wash is pure as pure can get, no lather, no fillers, no fragrance, no preservatives, no chemicals at all nothing man made everything in this hair wash comes from mother earth. Simple pure ingredient made up of organic Aloe Vera juice, clay minerals, plant extract and essential oils that's it.

It comes in five different flavors for us lady's with different hair types because we ain't all made up the same way. The web site is well informative with all you need to know about their business and the meaning behind natural products. I used Lavender Garden in the past and i just restock with two big bottles one lavender garden and the other left coast lemon.

This product rocks, it is different for those who love to lather up with big bubbles that strips our hair. If that's what you like this is not it be warned. If you have a lot of build up and cons that you would like to ride your hair of and go to a more natural product lineup, this is good for you. If you just wont to maintain and wash with this as you would with a regular shampoo this is good for you, if you go on the Terressential web page there is step by step instructions for the hair detox process.

I use this product in the shower, i wash my hair in eight big braids, let the water run until my hair is soak then i take down one braid at a time apply mud wash and detangle with fingers and then twist it up, then move on to another braid you get the picture. When all my hair is soaking with the mud wash i let it sit for a few i might go outside fully clothed (i am not a nudes) and let the sun help to bake the mud with a shower cap on so it stays moist and not dry out. Then i get back in the shower and undo one twist at a time and let the water flow and wash the mud out of my hair not disturbing the curls too much i will detangle with my finger while the water is running through the hair and then re-twist and move on to the next twist. Now i only do this mud wash ever seven to eight week, in between my mud wash i conditioner wash every weekend.

Pros: This product cleans the hair without stripping it of its natural oil and helps to balance your oil production. It makes my curls pop like crazy, my hair is shinny, soft and comes alive, you don't need to use a conditioner after using this clay wash and i could detangle with my fingers when i use this product. Sweet

Cons: I use this when i am taking a shower and i just do not like to wash my hair when i am in the shower because it takes too long and i am wet and feel icky. That's it

Trust me on this one, your hair will thank you it come in 2oz $4, 8oz $10.75,16oz $20.50 and trial size gift set of four 2oz for $17.95.

Scents Available are:
Lavender Garden
Left Coast Lemon
Cool Mint
Sultry Spice
Fragrance Free

Monday, February 8, 2010

Garden stuff

My garden is booming with life, i have one bell pepper, four tomatoes and i did a kitchen garden two weekends ago with thyme, sage, parsley and basil. I also planted mojito mint smell so yummy i used it to make lemonade the other day. Planted some strawberries too, and i have few more seeds to plant. Summer i am a coming.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Month Of Love

I got myself a rose bush for valentine along with other stuff scented stuff a little bit of stuff. I planted my bush in a pot with hues of pastel colors so very pretty, and now i have blooms with shades of peach, pink and yellow nice big plush blooms with scented aroma. I love my new rose bush every time i look at it i smile.

So what are those other stuff you mention up above, are you holding out? I got lets see Sapo Bubbles coffrett light, coffrett dark, rose body oil, and body butters. I am still testing these perfumes and will do a review on them soon but i have only good things to say about the collections.

I am eyeing a rose soap from Elennetha, at times i think its too much to buy a soap for $9 but its a treat yep that's what i tell myself. I think i will try things that i have never done before for valentine like bake a cake, not the premix ones in the box. Will let you know how that turns out wish me luck.

So remember its not about gift and how big of a gift that lets you know how much you are loved and appreciated but its the little things throughout the year that counts

You have to learn to love yourself before you love someone else. If you don't have a valentine treat yourself.

Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been a trying week for me with work and home just everything, when nothing seems to go your way when everything comes crashing down. What to do curl up in a ball and cry, or just keep going, knowing that it will get better and i have nothing to cry about because there are people with problems above my head. Never the less its still my problem and i have to face it at this time, I prayed and ask for guidance, peace and strength not only for myself but for others in need as well. Its hard at times and you fell like giving up but you know you cannot, so i did some soul searching some meditation, i walk home the other day about 35 min and it was so relaxing the weather was cool and i felt alive but my feet's hurt so bad. I even turn to scent to help lift my spirits the scent of choice were Frankincense soap, lavender body butter, and a rose and frankincense solid perfume to help ease me into a peaceful slumber, i woke up this morning so at ease with myself ready to take the day on come what may. When ever you are down Pray about it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Are What You Eat

That's what they say, what you put in is what you get out. If you eat crappy food you get crappy skin and you fell disconnected from your body, you just get this blab feeling that makes you feel down and insecure. On the flip side if you eat healthy your skin starts to glow and your feel energized. So drink plenty water and natural juices hey tea is good too, eat up your fruits and veggies. A great tip while cooking is to play some music and burn a candle and you will see how fun and relaxing it is to make a healthy home made dinner. Do your body good you only have one body so take care of it.

Get moving by walking riding a bike or going to the gym, surround yourself with people that have the same drives so you can support each other. It is very important to keep the body moving go keep active. If the gym is not your thing that's OK you can do it at home, if you are lacking motivation here is a tip the best place to do your exercise in my eyes is facing direct sunlight and nature a window or a glass door, if that does not do it for you exercise while watching TV whenever commercial comes on. Try stretching every morning when you rise and before going to bed. Take the stairs not the elevator walk around the park with lush trees and fresh air. Get motivated and get off your Butts peoples.

Nourish your body with natural soaps and body butter, store bought soaps and lotions are loaded with all kinds of fillers that's does nothing for you but everything for the manufacture to make then rich, you might say its too expensive to go all natural but its really not and trust me in the long haul it is worth every penny. Your skin will thank you and you will grow old gracefully, why would you put man made chemicals on your skin when mother nature provides everything you need to nourish and replenish the body.

Keep negative thoughts and people out of your life, try not to stress it is hard not to i know but whenever you feel it coming one take a brake. Plant a tree watch it grow it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that you care for this plant and digging in the dirt is also a stress relieve. Do you know what "me time" is if not you need to get some "me time". Stop and meditate each day, and see what the day has to offer don't let life pass you by and do not get suck up into the unnecessary.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fresh Face

What is the first thing people see or look at when you enter the room? Your face, so let's talk skin care for that delicate facial area. A little back ground on my skin is that i struggled with acne for a long time now, whenever a pimple formed the brown spot followed. I did harsh treatments with soap and cream that are drying for your skin. Well that did not help and so i learned to love, nourish, be gentle and patience Patience.Then it all click. Remember to drink lots of water and try and eat properly.

AM Skin Care
Cleanse with Sapobubbles strange and unusual Bolivian rose salt and Moroccan red clay soap.

pat skin

Spray with Patchouli Hydrosol from GOW (Garden of Wisdom).

Moisturise with a mixture of one drop Myrrh Hyaluronic Acid Serum from GOW with one squirt Rainwater Botanical problem skin serum (note for in the cooler months i use Rainwater Botanical repair serum).

PM Skin Care
If wearing mineral makeup take it off with an oil cleanser, that i made with and olive oil herbal infusion. Massage the oil on your face and take it off with a warm wash cloth.

If not wearing makeup i cleanse with GOW Almond milk and papaya enzyme cleanser, apply and let it sit until i am finish with my shower then rinse or i will wash with Spa Goddess Cleansing Grain.

Pat skin dry

Spray with Frankincense Hydrosol from Sapo Bubbles.

Apply Pumpkin Serum 3 times per week from GOW.

Apply Light and Bright (for brown spot whenever i use the pumpkin serum i follow with this) from GOW.

Apply peppermint or Lemon Hyaluronic Acid mix with a facial oil of choice, i have many.

Special Treatment
Mid week or weekend i like to do facials

Cleanse with salt and clay soap

Scrub with rose honey scrub from wildroot botanical or Dry scrub from sapo bubbles mix with honey.

Exfoliating mask with GOW Pumpkin papaya enzyme mask.

Steam face with herbs of your liking

Then do a clay mask, clay of choice mix with hydrosol and honey, let sit for 30 min and rinse.

Then moisturise

That's it Happy Spa Day
If you do not take care of you who will.

Links below, if you would like to take a look at these sellers.
Rainwater Botanical
Sap Goddess
Wildroot Botanical

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautuful Stench Part One (Blast from the Past)

It's that scent that smells like maybe it could be pretty but dangerous with a stench to it and you say to yourself should i be smelling like this? that does not smell like the norm and i say to you what is the norm. Beautiful Stench are the scent that i treasure the most and use the less, why do you say because they should always be there in my stash for me to visit.

Two of my old lovelies are from Little Flowers and if i knew then what i know now i should have collected a few full bottles but i have only samples of Desert Rain and Sepia Perfume and now they are gone and her shop on ETSY is closed due to her illness.

Desert Rain- Smells like parched earth when the fist drop of rain its the soil and then comes the beautiful synergy that Mother nature plays upon our senses. This scent captures my heart and steal my soil with every note from the top with the wormwood, then its moves to the heart with orange blossom and frangipani, then down to the base with notes like rock rose and oudh then a little surprise with violet leaf, and it has other notes that make this fine as aged wine.

Sepia- Unlike the sweetness of Desert Rain Sepia is rather sharp even the guys like this one ,is it because of the leather theme? maybe but i can tell you what mi gal thinks. with top notes of hiba wood and basil, then moving to the heart with two kinda rose and champaka, then on to the base with tobacco and ambrette seed and to sweaten the deal with mimosa and kewda. What a delight.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I know i have been MIA but i am sick and busy with work, as soon as my body feels better i will be back to blogging, i have so much to talk about and a few reviews on their way. We have skin care your delicate face to talk about, i am back to mixing up stuff in my kitchen so that should be fun, mineral makeup and a few review. So talk to you soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chocolate For Sweets

Chocolate Natural Perfume Custom Sampler from Illuminated Perfume

I could not resist sampling this collection, come on so many blends of chocolate perfume you just might think you’re in a candy store. Ever blend you could think of and you know I mostly get the ones mix with woodsy notes because I am a lover of all things deep and dark, but if you are not she has a orange blend and a cherry blend I think there is something for ever desire. So take a lick of your picking and indulge in your chocolate fantasy. You have a choice of any four blends for the small price of $15. Enjoy

Figure 1: Noir
Like its edible counterpart this chocolate is deep, dark and mysterious with a strong musk note. This is deep dark chocolate and I do smell patchouli.

Figure 3: La ForĂȘt
A dense conifer forest meets an ocean of chocolate. I wondered what an ocean of chocolate might smell like and I must say it does smell like there were six different blends of chocolate in and ocean of forest.

Figure 5: Bois de Chocolat
Smokey woods and chocolate. My most beloved from the bunch it reminds me of Q (another blend that she has on her site) with chocolate added to sweeten the deal.

Figure 6: L'epice
Spice, a hint of vanilla and chocolate. This smell like a spice chocolate tea, ready to warm your winter chills.