Friday, April 30, 2010


Finally something that works.

I search high and low for a natural deodorant for years and finally i found two that works one i use at night the other at day.


Ozonated olive oil deodorant & skin treatment, i use this at nights and whenever I shave, and it totally repair my pits from those awful boils and burnt skin that i got from other deodorant. This first press olive oil is saturated with ozone (said to be a natural bacteria killing agent) made from ambient air, What is this you ask? I do not know, i did my research on this and i like what i read as to if it is true i do not know i am being honest. The smell of this is nutty and spicy and true to an olive scent. I have been using this for a month now and the container is still to the brim so this will last for some time i think. I keep it in the door of my fridge. Do your own research on this beauty and if you know anything about this product educate me, but all i have to say is my pit are ready for summer and they don't have to hide anymore.

The All Natural Face

Vegan crystal deodorant,main ingredient are Potassium alum (some say its good some say its bad), aloe, Essential oils, and let me just say it work no brake out no burnt skin and it smell good but the scent does not last, you still perspire and that's a good thing people you need to sweat.

I say do your own research if you are interested in these products.

Vegan Crystal Deodorant 3oz $7.50

Ozonated Olive Oil Deodorant 1oz $9.95


  1. Congrats on your finds. I searched for years too, and invested a lot of money into finding a natural deodorant that worked for me. I'm glad that search is over for me.

  2. Its no joke when your stinking all over the place.

  3. Congrats, I finally found one that works too, one that I don't have to layer.

  4. Hey TTLOVE218,
    I love the smell of Lavender and mix it with some vanilla yum. Good for you too, I know how you feel when your deodorant gives out.