Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healing Water

My mom use to say whenever we drink coconut water that we were washing our heart, and I use to think it was crazy talk, how can you wash your heart? Pity the fool, life can get demanding and the environment along with medication and just everyday movement can leave us dehydrated thus affect our health causing us to lose essential electrolytes that are found in our bloodstream, Coconut Water contains all five electrolytes found in the blood, including calcium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. If you are dehydration this is your life saver, nothing is more quenching than a cold glass of coconut water, if you can get it from the coconut perfect but if not try O.N.E. coconut water it is very refreshing and the taste unbelievable delicious, I have tried many package coconut water that taste nothing like the real thing but this is the real thing 100% natural. I myself us coconut for many things around the home coconut oil for skin and hair care the extra virgin one that smells of the islands, coconut milk for cooking rice and peas and I make this wicked coconut curry shrimp, what not to love about coconuts.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Being quiet or calm, yep that's what’s been going on around these woods well within me it is still but my surrounding was out of wack. I have not been myself as of late and I got so stress out to the point where I felt empty inside, tired of everything around me wanting everything to go as planned thinking I live in this perfect world were you always get what you wanted, news flash bricks tumbling down and boom it hit me and all came tumbling down at once. What next I ask? and I had to come back down from my high horse and humble my thoughts, humble my emotion and know that whatever happens I must find a way to deal with it find a way to kick it in the rare and send it back where it came from and move forward. We are only human, life will bring obstacles and it’s in our hands to solve those problems. So I have learned how to be still and let the universe take care of itself. I am but only a mere human

Monday, September 13, 2010


I am the lucky winner of this beauty from the lovely Blue Hour Design

Pacing, a stride, trying to get back into this crazy place, I am so off I feel as if I was in a different world for the two weeks that I have been away. I have not unpacked and my stuff is all over the place meaning not as organized as I would love them to be and my body feels strange. My new scent love for the past week are rose, ginger and spice not all together at once but hey maybe they could go together if you think about it that's a good combo, hope to be back soon with some good scented review.