Friday, April 30, 2010


Finally something that works.

I search high and low for a natural deodorant for years and finally i found two that works one i use at night the other at day.


Ozonated olive oil deodorant & skin treatment, i use this at nights and whenever I shave, and it totally repair my pits from those awful boils and burnt skin that i got from other deodorant. This first press olive oil is saturated with ozone (said to be a natural bacteria killing agent) made from ambient air, What is this you ask? I do not know, i did my research on this and i like what i read as to if it is true i do not know i am being honest. The smell of this is nutty and spicy and true to an olive scent. I have been using this for a month now and the container is still to the brim so this will last for some time i think. I keep it in the door of my fridge. Do your own research on this beauty and if you know anything about this product educate me, but all i have to say is my pit are ready for summer and they don't have to hide anymore.

The All Natural Face

Vegan crystal deodorant,main ingredient are Potassium alum (some say its good some say its bad), aloe, Essential oils, and let me just say it work no brake out no burnt skin and it smell good but the scent does not last, you still perspire and that's a good thing people you need to sweat.

I say do your own research if you are interested in these products.

Vegan Crystal Deodorant 3oz $7.50

Ozonated Olive Oil Deodorant 1oz $9.95

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jameel by The Scented Djinn

Find you a warm patch in the park, put on your girlie skirt with ruffles and lace, pair it with a platform wedge and a tank top, maybe even a straw hat. Lay your picnic blanket on the grass, kick back and embrace the cool summer breeze and warm sun, open up to your surrounding be in tuned with your senses. That is what Jameel is about ,a cool summer's day.

She opens up vibrantly with sharp green notes, petitgrain hits me to my core, then drifting in and out are the different synergy of citruses just what I ask for on these cooler days before we hit dead on in the blazing sun. Slowly a soft sweet caring floral makes it's way present, this is the Gardenia, Neroli, and Osmanthus speaking, and it brings out the girl in me with pig tails and a romp in the park. At the ending I get something pure, clean, grounded and rare, precious Oudh something memorable that I will take with me for a long time, summer of 2010 and along comes my favorite song ,the long walks on the beach, the picnic in the park when Jameel accompanies me and hug me closely to her.

There is nothing subtle about Jameel nothing demure, she is bold, she takes her stand and makes an impression. She lingers for a while staying for a few hours before re-application is necessary, reminders that she is still around. I wore this scent for one week not once did I get tired of smelling it I craved it more and more each morning I reach for it whenever I wanted that uplifting feeling and the reminder that summer is finally here, how much do I love these cool spring days and I thank you sweet sweet Jameel for your bright vibration.

Justine Crane the Creator of The Scented Djinn and all things complicated and different, something you could call your own whenever you wear one of her creation. This lady is talented (an understatement) and she puts the weirdest things together and they turn out to be the most unique scent i have ever smelled, never once did i smell one of Justine creations and though to myself how i smelled that before. I am always surprise and blown away when i purchase anything from Justine. Embark in what she does with such passion and love what else would you expect. Innovative with her Natural Botanical Perfume she delivers and i am never dissatisfied she only leave me wanting more and stalking her ETSY for new listing.

Jameel comes in an 5ml magenta screw top bottle for $27.00

Monday, April 19, 2010


Expelled from the Cocoa Beans come the sweet aroma of Cocoa Butter, i am loving Coco Butter in every way these days, in my hair, on my skin, as a face mask, hot coco drink you name it i use it. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats containing natural antioxidants that prevent it from going bad thus giving it a shelf life of two to five years.

Cocoa Butter repairs and protect the skin making it good for mama's growing belly. I just reorder some Cocoa Butter and will start mixing up some goodies for my friends and love one, everyone keeps asking me for old products that i gave to them in the past and i have no idea what they are talking about so this time when i make goodies i need to label them don't you think.

I did a well over due facial two days ago that i called mint chocolate spa day, i have this amazing refreshing exhilarating mint scrub from GOW that just refreshes your skin like no other, after that i steam my face with lavender, jasmine flowers and lemon balm with a drop of lavender essential oil and that open up my pores letting out all the gunk. Then yes how the Chocolate mask followed i mix part chocolate powder with part clay and my skin looks and feel revived.

I remember once we went to the country in Jamaica and there was a cocoa tree in the yard with this big yellow fruit growing on it that the elders pick and we ate the meat from inside i cannot describe to you what it taste like because this was long ago but i do remember it being yummy, and them they roasted the seed and then we had a brick of chocolate to make our hot chocolate tea with. Fun Times

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you love the Warmth of the Sun like i love the Warmth of the Sun?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Bring bath time back. Yes she did, Trisha from skinfolk is such a talented lady with her butters and bath soaks. Trisha Salah Sachets are not to be missed, you must try these. It is filled with so many yummy ingredients too much for me to list now so i will post the link to Salah Sachets.

I received a sample of this Sachet with my very first order from Skinfolk, and as soon as i got it i took a soak, and just let me tell you all my stress and tension melted away. The water in the tube look like a big cup of herbal tea, the aroma of lavender relaxed me, the different mixtures of salt purify and add mineral, mint stimulate while the honey and buttermilk soften and moisturize my skin. After my soak i fell new and refresh, ready for a good night sleep.

I vow to take a soak once per week, and i thank skinflow for sending that sample.
Trisha is having a special for the Salah Sachets at one cent shipping that is a deal so grab grab grab.
One Salah Sachet $3.00
Four Salah Sachet $10.00