Monday, August 1, 2011

Treehouse Botanicals

Once upon a time called Dawn To Dusk, I like the old name and the new one what say you?  Ok we are not going to talk about names today but we will be talking about my custom blend perfume sprays. A fellow blogger sent me a generous sample of neroli hydrosol and let's just say I am indeed in-love it is the most delightful scent one can use to relax and just refresh. So I have been on a neroli high and requested that Dawn do some custom that incorporated neroli in the blend.

Custom I
Neroli, Citrus, Cocoa & Ambrette, just looking at this from the bottle in all its dark glory I knew it would take me to places I needed to be taken. It's young I know it needs time to mature and grow into it's own but I needed to do this review while it is fresh from the oven, it stink but a good stench one you'll wear when the moon is glowing and in the full, the sweet tart smell of orange and the rich foodie smell of cocoa with a sultry hint of ambrette. Let's revisit this one in a few weeks if I still have any left over to review.
Custom II
Neroli, Citrus, Cocoa & Vanilla
Fist of all no one does Vanilla like Dawn I don't know it's like her vanilla is on steroids, when I envision my neroli scent this was what I had brewing in my head, sunshine with a hint of sweet home made lemonade this is one intoxicating scent that just brings the neroli in full bloom, WOW I am impress.

Ambrozia, this belongs to Dawn perfume oil line up but I wanted it in a perfume spray and Dawn made it happen. Love this it is sweet girlie and just a special blend that I will not be without I also have this in the body oil, sweet jasmine and citrus mingles in this perfect creation it's so sweet its almost like you can taste it.

Now i must say i am all Neroli out.

Look how pretty the packaging is I am not a new customer of Dawns I own almost everything she has listed in her shop so if she sent my order in a plastic bag I would not care but her presentation is always on point never short of making you feel special to open a gift to yourself.