Thursday, November 19, 2009


It’s that time of year again turkey, cranberry sauce, rum punch, pies the list goes on. Crazy family that sums up my family in a nut shell yep they are crazy people with the driest scene of humor you have ever encountered. If you cannot take a serious joke do not enter. We will be away for the holidays going to visit some family in Greensboro NC one of my homes I do have many, I am so excited I have not been back in a long time because I never make the time but I decided life is to short so we must enjoy. In this enchanted village you have my aunt and her cubs, mama bear she tries to take control but always fumble under the spell of her off springs big hogger bear AKA the Punisher the oldest, second in line Sneaky bear she watches her pray then strike, third in line funkadelic bear and last but not least drum roll please baby bear the cutest one of them all (but bad like yaze). On the other side of the villages we have the elders the big hunga hunga hunga big Grand papa and Grandmother bear.

My aunt always work on the holidays and she tries to fit so many thing in at the last minute god bless her soul and hopefully this thanks giving the food will not be burnt. I know it will be crazy like any other time I have spent with the family; I will be in town for four days and four nights of food, thrift storing and sale hunting we love a sale, who does not. And I just cannot wait let the fun times begin.

Happy Thanksgiving you all put your best foot forward and smell up the place with a blend that says you’re a show stopper.

What does the Body Good?

Skin Care

The times are a getting cold and your skin need a little extra loving let’s talk about skin care not face that’s a different entry we are going to talk about the body. It all start in the shower you need a good soap not the ones that are loaded with who knows what but the ones that are made with natural oils and butter and scent to fit a goddess bath. Two of my favorite Handmade Artisan soap markers are Eleneetha and Sappobubbles from Etsy. Talk about smell good, and does the body good you can feel the oil in these soap and it leave you not dry but moisturize and clean.
So after a shower once a week or twice per week I like to do a salt or sugar scrub my favored scrub is from Spa Goddess the detox scrub that scrub will hush you to sleep it relaxes and calms my body no joke. If you do a scrub there is no need to butter up when u get out the shower because the oil from the scrub did that for u already, but if you did not Scrub you can chose a fine butter from any one of these Etsy to slather on damp skin. Try not to have the water too hot for the shower, and take a soak every now and then with some salt, flowers N herb, and milk power be adventurous and make one or if you’re not in the mixing mood buy one from Spa Goddess.

Heaths Shall we
As the weather changes so does our body, it changes and adjust to the climate, I have learn this over the year of getting sick ever time the weather changes so lesson learn and now I know how to fight back. Build that immune system to do so eat properly, drink lots of water exercise to keep your blood pumping and proper supplement, take your vitamins, Echinacea and pro biotic at all time especial when I feel anything creeping up on me. If you treat your body well it will do good things for you in return.

On Top of Things

I am back on track with my health, i cook a nice dinner last night and also did a little yoga and Pilate's. I needed that workout i feel so refresh and ready to take on anything.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life’s Blessing

A Letter of Gratitude,

It was a very busy weekend for me, we took a road trip to be a part of my Godson christening, and this was the first time we meet face to face since his birth in August by his lovely mother my dear friend from past lives. I have always felt a closeness to her from the very first time I saw her and I still remember that day and knew in my heart of hearts that we will be friends for a very long time, she is a strong and outgoing person with a plan do not underestimate her. My Godson wow he is so precious and willing, caring and pleasant all wrap up in one, he has such warmth about him that invites you in for a hug and he always welcomes you with a smile it is so comforting to be bless with such a little person that impacts your life in such a big way. Words cannot explain how blessed I am to know his parents and for them to invite me into his life and to be a part of his future.

Thank you with love, Fairy Godmother

New Obsession Liz Zorn perfume

I am in love, if I could die and go to perfume heaven this would be it. Fist off Liz Zorn Soivohle has two lines All Natural and Natural and manmade material, you know what I will touch on let’s talk about her natural line, talk about pure pleasure, comfort, and durability with longevity. Fist I sample the Artisan Cologne suite and fell in love with lavender patchouli and vertiver N Guaiac in that order I received a sample of sinti pure bliss rose at its finest drench in smoke grounded but pretty all in one. These last all day long and into tomorrow natural perfume like you have never seen before

Lavender N Patchouli
She is the mellow one that makes a statements with beams of vanilla, this is a very very wearable lavender patchouli no one more than the other they came together beautifully and with the softness and whisper of vanilla making this a warm to the skin perfume, make you wont to cuddle with your love one.

Vertiver N Garcier
Bold she is, she speaks and let you know she is in the room with the strength of a woman. Vertiver heaven this is so out there and powerful but calm and sensual, grown and sexy perfect for a night out. She plays well with leather and smoke the earth goddess.

With such depth she glides, the room is dime the scent in the air of smoke and warmth as the the strings of the guitar plays, Sinti Pure bliss a rose is a rose is a rose. If you are not a rose fan don’t fear sinti is here this is not a in your face scented rose this has depth, power and darkness. It stands alone you smell rose but never like this before with leather and smoke this is a me scent you know when u find that scent that just speaks you like it was created for you and you alone. A scent that no one else will have on nor can they guess whose creation your wearing they would have to ask what is that smell. This is it

Take a look over at Liz Zorn get some samples she has a special going on as we speak free shipping on $50 or free shipping and 10% off $100. Run do not walk.
Liz Zorn Soivohle website

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little Incentive

In Florida we still have nice weather and even when it gets the chills it’s still nothing compare to other States, so I will not complain. I have a few review in the making a little bit of this and a little bit of that if you stop in and read this blog say hello I will not bite.

What do you smell like today? 11/10/09
LULU HONEY VAMP Perfume oil from crushedvelvetroses's, it’s a really interesting scent I never thought I would like something that has notes of lime in it yes lime but they all come together so loving, the Mexican Lime, Honey and May Chang to name a few of the notes comes together and created something very electric and them mellow out into a soft blossom of an unknown citrus tree one yet to be discovered. To really get the true essence of this scent I mellowed out my daily layering of different scent, on any giving day I normally have on 3 to 4 different scents my lotion, perfume oil to pulse point, and them a Eau de Toilette but today I applied a next to no scent lavender oak moss body oil, and then LULU HONEY VAMP to pulse point I also took it to work with me to dab on whenever I need a little pick me upper.

What do you smell like today? 11/11/09
Sweet Charlotte Perfume oil from crushedvelvetroses's, this is a very delicate scent, with a dry down of a clean scent almost soap and water clean. Jasmine one of the notes in this scent we have a love hate relationship, at times it can be too sweet but in this blend it is very mellow. Sweet Charlotte notes are Linden Blossom, Mexican Lime, Jasmine and other Essential oil and Absolute in an oil base. Beautiful fragrance I keep sniffing myself.

What do u smell like today? 11/12/209
Like an enchanted forest, yes lush green misty earth and sweet woods. Starting with the body balm spikenard body balm soft musky forest, then on to the solid perfume Q woodsy lush forest, take a few steps to the Natural Artisan Colognes Vetiver n Guaiac wet earth at its finest with a touch of woods and spicy notes. You see I am back to layering and I adore this new combo for today I just evoke nature calling on the wild.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Life in the fast lane can get a bit over the top, never forget to stop, slow down and take a deep breath do something for you to lighten the mood whatever makes you happy do it. Whenever life is getting ahead of me I slow down and get some sleep, I will treat myself, do a facial run a bath and a little soft music, good dinner and wine are welcome in my party. I really like the outdoors I like to plant you would never imagine the load it could take off your shoulders just by digging in the dirt not to mention the joy it brings when they start to grow.

Stress, that word is no joke, do not play with stress that takes a toll on the body and can do some serious damage. Did you know that Essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile to name a few can calm and put you in a place of serenity. Take a walk in the park surrounded by lush tress and crisp fresh air and do some un-cluttering in that head of yours.

Some product suggestion to help get your head light as a sky are Crushed Velvet and Rose Bitch Balm What a name, now with a name like that it must work. Rub a little on your Temples at the back of you neck or just sniff the balm from the jar, it will melt your worries away. Also try Lilsprouts Organic Wellness Blends, light a candle rub them temples and take a nap, wake up to a new place of serenity.

As blue as the sky on the sunniest day the dashing roar of the seas as you watch the children play not a care in the world fills their days. Be a kid sometime and leave that world of bills and chores for just a day.

Dim the Lights Please

There is nothing more romantic than a candle light dinner, taking a bath with the lights off and nothing but the glow of some candles flickering in the back ground, or watching TV with all the lights off but accompanied by that of the softest touch of light. As much as I love scent on me I love scent around me I want my home to smell just as good as I do so I love coming home and lighting a candle or two, or put the candle on a warmer hey why not both shall we.

Today’s spot light goes to no other than Lilsprout from ETSY of course, Let us start with the lady behind this brand she is the most caring, understanding, and easy to talk to seller I have the pleasure to work with. Now for the smelly stuff in her candle line up u have both natural essential oil blends and nature essential oil with fragrance oil. In her natural line there is a whole lot to chose from and the prices are just on the money. When I leave work I would like to come home to a more relaxing and as I call it my oasis.

These candles are all made with natural soybeans, therapeutic grade essential oils and All natural cotton wicks, and talk about smell good yes they do they are not loud they just scent your space so if u wont something to take over this is not it but if u are like me and like a whisper of scent at times jump right in and order you some candles. If I had to chose my top five candles from Lilsprout’s they would be.
1. Vertiver patchouli sandalwood
2. Mystic dragon
3. Monster be gone
4. Vanilla sandalwood
5. OM Meditation

That’s just my top five but I have like a top 25 list of these candles, so visit Lilsprout’s candle shop drop a note or two and get you some yummy smelly flickers of glow. Enjoy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scent of the time

I am always on the look out for something new but one thing i am sure of these days is that i am on a more natural path with the intake, outtake and my surroundings i watch what i put in and out my body. I always loved scent when i use to wear synthetic this was when i knew no better, even if it was killing me i still force my self to wear it. If i am around someone that has on a loud scent my head starts to spin, and now that i know the beauty of nature nothing smells like the real thing trust me.

My fave place to get all my yummy smelly natural goodies is at ETSY, i shop at ETSY for many reason one of the main one is to give small business owners a chance and hey its not mass produce so the hard work and quality comes out in their creation.

Some of the scent notes i am loving for the past month or so are Patchouli and Sandalwood. Let me tell you a story about my first experience with sandalwood OK the fist product i bought with sandalwood i just could not use it it was so strong and just over takes you and puts you in a place u don't wonna be and that was 2 year ago now i thought that all sandalwood smelled the same so when ever i bought something i would stay away from it and how i got reintroduce to sandalwood i bought a new face serum from no other than rainwater botanical from ETSY and it contained sandalwood and it was so soft lite and powdery so from that point on i have been hunting down sandalwood. Patchouli how many ways do i love thee it is everything earthly i think it should be the scent of father earth so deep and intoxicating it just over takes and demands attention but with that of a soft touch holding closely to the one that wears it on their skin.


Scent its a powerfull elemet, a mood shifter a moon wisper and cool as an winters night we do connect scent with that of lifes entry. Ever phase of or life their is a story and at all time their is scent that connects us both just like your fav song. Do enjoy your stay with me as we explore the world of nature as it should be not synthetic but that of the earth.