Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Are What You Eat

That's what they say, what you put in is what you get out. If you eat crappy food you get crappy skin and you fell disconnected from your body, you just get this blab feeling that makes you feel down and insecure. On the flip side if you eat healthy your skin starts to glow and your feel energized. So drink plenty water and natural juices hey tea is good too, eat up your fruits and veggies. A great tip while cooking is to play some music and burn a candle and you will see how fun and relaxing it is to make a healthy home made dinner. Do your body good you only have one body so take care of it.

Get moving by walking riding a bike or going to the gym, surround yourself with people that have the same drives so you can support each other. It is very important to keep the body moving go keep active. If the gym is not your thing that's OK you can do it at home, if you are lacking motivation here is a tip the best place to do your exercise in my eyes is facing direct sunlight and nature a window or a glass door, if that does not do it for you exercise while watching TV whenever commercial comes on. Try stretching every morning when you rise and before going to bed. Take the stairs not the elevator walk around the park with lush trees and fresh air. Get motivated and get off your Butts peoples.

Nourish your body with natural soaps and body butter, store bought soaps and lotions are loaded with all kinds of fillers that's does nothing for you but everything for the manufacture to make then rich, you might say its too expensive to go all natural but its really not and trust me in the long haul it is worth every penny. Your skin will thank you and you will grow old gracefully, why would you put man made chemicals on your skin when mother nature provides everything you need to nourish and replenish the body.

Keep negative thoughts and people out of your life, try not to stress it is hard not to i know but whenever you feel it coming one take a brake. Plant a tree watch it grow it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that you care for this plant and digging in the dirt is also a stress relieve. Do you know what "me time" is if not you need to get some "me time". Stop and meditate each day, and see what the day has to offer don't let life pass you by and do not get suck up into the unnecessary.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fresh Face

What is the first thing people see or look at when you enter the room? Your face, so let's talk skin care for that delicate facial area. A little back ground on my skin is that i struggled with acne for a long time now, whenever a pimple formed the brown spot followed. I did harsh treatments with soap and cream that are drying for your skin. Well that did not help and so i learned to love, nourish, be gentle and patience Patience.Then it all click. Remember to drink lots of water and try and eat properly.

AM Skin Care
Cleanse with Sapobubbles strange and unusual Bolivian rose salt and Moroccan red clay soap.

pat skin

Spray with Patchouli Hydrosol from GOW (Garden of Wisdom).

Moisturise with a mixture of one drop Myrrh Hyaluronic Acid Serum from GOW with one squirt Rainwater Botanical problem skin serum (note for in the cooler months i use Rainwater Botanical repair serum).

PM Skin Care
If wearing mineral makeup take it off with an oil cleanser, that i made with and olive oil herbal infusion. Massage the oil on your face and take it off with a warm wash cloth.

If not wearing makeup i cleanse with GOW Almond milk and papaya enzyme cleanser, apply and let it sit until i am finish with my shower then rinse or i will wash with Spa Goddess Cleansing Grain.

Pat skin dry

Spray with Frankincense Hydrosol from Sapo Bubbles.

Apply Pumpkin Serum 3 times per week from GOW.

Apply Light and Bright (for brown spot whenever i use the pumpkin serum i follow with this) from GOW.

Apply peppermint or Lemon Hyaluronic Acid mix with a facial oil of choice, i have many.

Special Treatment
Mid week or weekend i like to do facials

Cleanse with salt and clay soap

Scrub with rose honey scrub from wildroot botanical or Dry scrub from sapo bubbles mix with honey.

Exfoliating mask with GOW Pumpkin papaya enzyme mask.

Steam face with herbs of your liking

Then do a clay mask, clay of choice mix with hydrosol and honey, let sit for 30 min and rinse.

Then moisturise

That's it Happy Spa Day
If you do not take care of you who will.

Links below, if you would like to take a look at these sellers.
Rainwater Botanical
Sap Goddess
Wildroot Botanical

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautuful Stench Part One (Blast from the Past)

It's that scent that smells like maybe it could be pretty but dangerous with a stench to it and you say to yourself should i be smelling like this? that does not smell like the norm and i say to you what is the norm. Beautiful Stench are the scent that i treasure the most and use the less, why do you say because they should always be there in my stash for me to visit.

Two of my old lovelies are from Little Flowers and if i knew then what i know now i should have collected a few full bottles but i have only samples of Desert Rain and Sepia Perfume and now they are gone and her shop on ETSY is closed due to her illness.

Desert Rain- Smells like parched earth when the fist drop of rain its the soil and then comes the beautiful synergy that Mother nature plays upon our senses. This scent captures my heart and steal my soil with every note from the top with the wormwood, then its moves to the heart with orange blossom and frangipani, then down to the base with notes like rock rose and oudh then a little surprise with violet leaf, and it has other notes that make this fine as aged wine.

Sepia- Unlike the sweetness of Desert Rain Sepia is rather sharp even the guys like this one ,is it because of the leather theme? maybe but i can tell you what mi gal thinks. with top notes of hiba wood and basil, then moving to the heart with two kinda rose and champaka, then on to the base with tobacco and ambrette seed and to sweaten the deal with mimosa and kewda. What a delight.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I know i have been MIA but i am sick and busy with work, as soon as my body feels better i will be back to blogging, i have so much to talk about and a few reviews on their way. We have skin care your delicate face to talk about, i am back to mixing up stuff in my kitchen so that should be fun, mineral makeup and a few review. So talk to you soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chocolate For Sweets

Chocolate Natural Perfume Custom Sampler from Illuminated Perfume

I could not resist sampling this collection, come on so many blends of chocolate perfume you just might think you’re in a candy store. Ever blend you could think of and you know I mostly get the ones mix with woodsy notes because I am a lover of all things deep and dark, but if you are not she has a orange blend and a cherry blend I think there is something for ever desire. So take a lick of your picking and indulge in your chocolate fantasy. You have a choice of any four blends for the small price of $15. Enjoy

Figure 1: Noir
Like its edible counterpart this chocolate is deep, dark and mysterious with a strong musk note. This is deep dark chocolate and I do smell patchouli.

Figure 3: La Forêt
A dense conifer forest meets an ocean of chocolate. I wondered what an ocean of chocolate might smell like and I must say it does smell like there were six different blends of chocolate in and ocean of forest.

Figure 5: Bois de Chocolat
Smokey woods and chocolate. My most beloved from the bunch it reminds me of Q (another blend that she has on her site) with chocolate added to sweeten the deal.

Figure 6: L'epice
Spice, a hint of vanilla and chocolate. This smell like a spice chocolate tea, ready to warm your winter chills.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Take on Solid Crème Parfum

To me solid parfum crème are a more intimate to the skin kind a scent, I have a few picks of solid perfume because everyday my mood changes, one day it’s floral and the next day its woods to be honest if you get a good solid it will last all day long on your skin.

A few of my most lovelies are from
Sapo Bubbles

Jalali Crème-I did not get this at first because I am not a fan of oakmoss, but this has become my most wearable scent for the past two weeks, it is deep sexy and strong and I love it’s deep deep deep in the woods scent but it is soft and lush as well along with some peppery notes to add some spice.
Price $ 9.00

Garden of Kedar Crème Parfum- Smells like a lush garden in bloom on a hot summer day, it’s a very pretty and feminine scent. Take me back in time, I imagine myself wearing a floral dress sipping tea in a garden with the sun beaming down on me it is a bright and clear day with green grass, bees buzzing and birds chirping.
Price $ 9.00

Viridian Grotto Crème Parfum- This is a well grounded scent, if you are a lover of lavender this is a breath taking blend of lavender Seville absolute, Purple Bouquet lavender and Grosso lavender and it plays nicely along with other essentials, it’s very soothing and complex because it’s not like your normal lavender but very dark and mysterious because of the patchouli.
Price $9.00

Divinity of Blue Lotus Crème Parfum- So rare she is, I use this on very special occasion because it is truly one of a kind.
Price $14.00

Orange Blossom Everlasting Mango and Olive Perfumed Butter Balm- I tote this around with me, I apply in the mid days for a pick me upper scent it last a long time on you and you get two different blend. One part orange blossom floral wax the other helichyrsm wax – each part is in a gorgeous blend of antique Mysore sandalwood, lush Moroccan rose absolute and the topper, fresh, floral bergamot of the bergaptene free variety. Description taken from the site, and gorgeous it is and you get a generous amount that will last forever because a little goes a long way my friends.
Price 17.50

The Prices are not bad at all for an all natural Crème Parfum, but a few of these are sold out on her Etsy page so good luck hunting. Update she just listed more of the solids that were sold out so go take a look

New Year

I am back from a long weekend of much needed rest, house work, confusion and crazy people, people that do not know how to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life as life is, I think it’s very sad but what can you do life is too short enjoy.

I am trying hard to get my camera up and running, so I need to go have that look at. I normally wash my hair on Sundays but the day was a crazy one, hey it still looks good from last weekend Twist and Curl I just apply Darcy’s coconut oil at night and braid the hair into four, pull it out in the morning and I am good to go.

I got my first comment last week from the lovely Amina, yea Thank you. That put a big smile on my face to know that people visit to read about what goes on in my crazy head. It’s a New Year so I got to get on the ball with enjoying this year a little more, need to eat right man Saturday and Sunday night dinner was so so good. On Saturday I made a Salad with honey glaze Salmon and Breaded Shrimp with a pineapple, papaya and ginger smoothie delicious. On Sunday it was steam snapper with okra, Jasmine rice, and a carrot Guinness Stout drink say yum. I also need to go to the gym I have a membership that I pay for and I am not attending and I call that a waste of money what do you say?

So Cheers to a New Year with new adventures.