Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chocolate For Sweets

Chocolate Natural Perfume Custom Sampler from Illuminated Perfume

I could not resist sampling this collection, come on so many blends of chocolate perfume you just might think you’re in a candy store. Ever blend you could think of and you know I mostly get the ones mix with woodsy notes because I am a lover of all things deep and dark, but if you are not she has a orange blend and a cherry blend I think there is something for ever desire. So take a lick of your picking and indulge in your chocolate fantasy. You have a choice of any four blends for the small price of $15. Enjoy

Figure 1: Noir
Like its edible counterpart this chocolate is deep, dark and mysterious with a strong musk note. This is deep dark chocolate and I do smell patchouli.

Figure 3: La Forêt
A dense conifer forest meets an ocean of chocolate. I wondered what an ocean of chocolate might smell like and I must say it does smell like there were six different blends of chocolate in and ocean of forest.

Figure 5: Bois de Chocolat
Smokey woods and chocolate. My most beloved from the bunch it reminds me of Q (another blend that she has on her site) with chocolate added to sweeten the deal.

Figure 6: L'epice
Spice, a hint of vanilla and chocolate. This smell like a spice chocolate tea, ready to warm your winter chills.


  1. omg!! I loooove chocolates!!!
    Love it ! Love it!

    In regards to spa goddess detox rock scrub..I didn't like it! It has great ingredients but it was too abrasive for me. I think it is because I am so used to creamy scrubs. Can you please do a post about your favorite etsy sellers?thank you

  2. I will put up an ETSY Menu Bar at the side.

  3. Love Illuminated Perfumes, although her blends seem a little too subtle for me. I think Justine Crane's are stronger are longer lasting. Thanks for sharing!

  4. To think of it her solid in Q last all day when applies to skin, i have yet to try her liquids.