Monday, January 4, 2010

My Take on Solid Crème Parfum

To me solid parfum crème are a more intimate to the skin kind a scent, I have a few picks of solid perfume because everyday my mood changes, one day it’s floral and the next day its woods to be honest if you get a good solid it will last all day long on your skin.

A few of my most lovelies are from
Sapo Bubbles

Jalali Crème-I did not get this at first because I am not a fan of oakmoss, but this has become my most wearable scent for the past two weeks, it is deep sexy and strong and I love it’s deep deep deep in the woods scent but it is soft and lush as well along with some peppery notes to add some spice.
Price $ 9.00

Garden of Kedar Crème Parfum- Smells like a lush garden in bloom on a hot summer day, it’s a very pretty and feminine scent. Take me back in time, I imagine myself wearing a floral dress sipping tea in a garden with the sun beaming down on me it is a bright and clear day with green grass, bees buzzing and birds chirping.
Price $ 9.00

Viridian Grotto Crème Parfum- This is a well grounded scent, if you are a lover of lavender this is a breath taking blend of lavender Seville absolute, Purple Bouquet lavender and Grosso lavender and it plays nicely along with other essentials, it’s very soothing and complex because it’s not like your normal lavender but very dark and mysterious because of the patchouli.
Price $9.00

Divinity of Blue Lotus Crème Parfum- So rare she is, I use this on very special occasion because it is truly one of a kind.
Price $14.00

Orange Blossom Everlasting Mango and Olive Perfumed Butter Balm- I tote this around with me, I apply in the mid days for a pick me upper scent it last a long time on you and you get two different blend. One part orange blossom floral wax the other helichyrsm wax – each part is in a gorgeous blend of antique Mysore sandalwood, lush Moroccan rose absolute and the topper, fresh, floral bergamot of the bergaptene free variety. Description taken from the site, and gorgeous it is and you get a generous amount that will last forever because a little goes a long way my friends.
Price 17.50

The Prices are not bad at all for an all natural Crème Parfum, but a few of these are sold out on her Etsy page so good luck hunting. Update she just listed more of the solids that were sold out so go take a look


  1. adding more solid perfumes in my wishlist. I love zaja naturals solid perfumes

  2. I have tried Zaja naturals not the solids the perfume oil but they are too strong for me.