Monday, January 18, 2010

Fresh Face

What is the first thing people see or look at when you enter the room? Your face, so let's talk skin care for that delicate facial area. A little back ground on my skin is that i struggled with acne for a long time now, whenever a pimple formed the brown spot followed. I did harsh treatments with soap and cream that are drying for your skin. Well that did not help and so i learned to love, nourish, be gentle and patience Patience.Then it all click. Remember to drink lots of water and try and eat properly.

AM Skin Care
Cleanse with Sapobubbles strange and unusual Bolivian rose salt and Moroccan red clay soap.

pat skin

Spray with Patchouli Hydrosol from GOW (Garden of Wisdom).

Moisturise with a mixture of one drop Myrrh Hyaluronic Acid Serum from GOW with one squirt Rainwater Botanical problem skin serum (note for in the cooler months i use Rainwater Botanical repair serum).

PM Skin Care
If wearing mineral makeup take it off with an oil cleanser, that i made with and olive oil herbal infusion. Massage the oil on your face and take it off with a warm wash cloth.

If not wearing makeup i cleanse with GOW Almond milk and papaya enzyme cleanser, apply and let it sit until i am finish with my shower then rinse or i will wash with Spa Goddess Cleansing Grain.

Pat skin dry

Spray with Frankincense Hydrosol from Sapo Bubbles.

Apply Pumpkin Serum 3 times per week from GOW.

Apply Light and Bright (for brown spot whenever i use the pumpkin serum i follow with this) from GOW.

Apply peppermint or Lemon Hyaluronic Acid mix with a facial oil of choice, i have many.

Special Treatment
Mid week or weekend i like to do facials

Cleanse with salt and clay soap

Scrub with rose honey scrub from wildroot botanical or Dry scrub from sapo bubbles mix with honey.

Exfoliating mask with GOW Pumpkin papaya enzyme mask.

Steam face with herbs of your liking

Then do a clay mask, clay of choice mix with hydrosol and honey, let sit for 30 min and rinse.

Then moisturise

That's it Happy Spa Day
If you do not take care of you who will.

Links below, if you would like to take a look at these sellers.
Rainwater Botanical
Sap Goddess
Wildroot Botanical


  1. Nice regimen you have there. In the AM I wash with a gentle natural soap, follow with a masque 2x a week (while in the shower) use various hydrosols (primarily Helicrysum, Neroli and Chamomile) as a toner and either an infused oil or a gentle facial cream for a moisturizer. In the PM I use toner to gently cleanse my face and follow with an oil mix/serum or infused oil. Once a week I use a facial scrub. What do you use for body moisturizers?

  2. At the moment i am using Eleneetha Shea butter hair & skin soother scented with sandalwood, vanilla co2 and bergamot. I also just purchase her shea vetiver and patchouli balm i will do a review on those when they get in. She also makes some of the best soaps.

  3. Yes, I have her cocoa vanilla body butter and her tuberose, jasmine and patchouli and winter beauty soaps. They are all fabulous.