Monday, July 23, 2012

Flaxseed gel update

Just a note the flaxseed that I made was used up all at once,  now for the review I like it my hair was extra curly I had a little stiffness but nothing some oil could not fix.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Flaxseed Gel

I decided to wash my hair last night and I wanted more curl definition so what else to do but make some gel.

2 cup pure water

1/4 cup flaxseed

2 teaspoon oil

2 drop essential oil

In a big pot add water and flaxseed bring to a boil on high stir, turn down the heat and stir until you get the texture that you want I was going for kinky curly texture and once I got that I turn heat off and strain this is the hard part but once you get it all strain add the oil and blend together and then add essential oil.

After I wash my hair I spray aloe vera juice to wet hair and then apply gel in section and flat twist and apply oil, One my hair drys (it take a day to dry) will be back with update on the take down.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clay Toothpaste

I mix up a new clay toothpaste on Saturday and it is about the business. Bentonite clay can be used for so many things, I use it to wash my hair, internal detox, toothpaste, face mask and I am sure the list goes on but that is some of the things I use it for.

Try it sometime

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Deodorant

I make my own deodorant have been making and using my own for a year now and the base always remains the same but I play around with the notes.

It’s expensive to make because its 100% essential oil but it last a long time and most importantly it works. The base is sandalwood and 2 kinds of frankincense and in this one I added rosewood a pretty tea note kind of rosewood along with one drop of sambac jasmine and a few drops of lavender. It’s the best one thus far it’s so clean and not overpowering like some that I have made in the past.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Make-up

I use to think that I have to have this full face of makeup that I see so well done on other people and I love how it look on them so it must look good on me right no wrong. Know that it's not the norm to look like everyone else.

I do not like foundation and I honestly do not need a full face of makeup, other things that I am not a fan of but will wear now and then is black eye liner and mascara because they take forever to come off and it’s just too messy.

Cream is my friend I like a dewy health look at all times

Must have

1. Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Concealer for spot treatment on any dark spots on my face but not around my eyes.

2. Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector around the eyes the texture is super silky and it has Light Reflective Technology.

3. Korres brown eyeliner on upper and lower lash line.

4. Vapour or Tate cream blush on cheeks

5. Tart Brilliant on high cheek bone, under eye brow, bridge of nose and at the top of my lip to add a touch of glow.

6. Korres lip pencils and lip gloss or vapour cream blush on my lips finish my look.

No Fuss Skin Care

I have been so busy with other project that I find myself not fussing over my skin care and hair care these days. Researching different oils reading blogs upon blogs takes the attention off the things I use to fuss over. To be honest with you my skin has never look better.
Must do/haves for  health glowing Skin

1. A gentle cleansing system products I use are Vanishing Spell Face Cleansing Serum
by UHW, Ghassool L'Eau De Rose Purifying Paste and Rose Hips Black Soap by Shea Terra.

I end each day with a oil massage with Vanishing spell take it off and then apply Rose Hips Black Soap or purifying paste and let it sit for a few and then take it off with a warm facial cloth.

In the morning I spray with aloe vera juice mix with a few essential oils and then wipe this off and rinse with water.

2. Natural oils and butters all day every day I cannot live without, I have so many that I use from day to day but let me list a few.

At nights after I cleanse and my skin is dry (I do not use towels on my face) I dry brush 100 strokes on each side of my face. I then apply Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum and then massage some oil on my face (Argan oil mix with African Baobab Oil, Rooibos & Vitamin E Anti-Oxidant Facial Serum or Argan & Rose Serum of Youth all by Shea Terra) not all at once please pick one and then I use my Derma Roller 2-3 times per week.

In the morning I apply Yangu Oil mix with Rooibos & Vitamin E Anti-Oxidant Facial Serum all by Shea Terra or (rose hip seed oil infused with camu camu power my own creation) if I don’t feel like blending oils together I apply Surya Cream by UHW this stuff is amazing all of the oils I wear in the morning have mild natural sun block.

On the weekend when I am out and about in the sun for a longer time I mix in red raspberry seed oil in the above every day morning oils and wear a hat.

Tools that are a must

Hemp and organic cotton face cloth

Natural Boars Bristle Facial Brush

Derma Roller

I just ordered a new tool and will let you know how it goes.