Monday, July 9, 2012

New Deodorant

I make my own deodorant have been making and using my own for a year now and the base always remains the same but I play around with the notes.

It’s expensive to make because its 100% essential oil but it last a long time and most importantly it works. The base is sandalwood and 2 kinds of frankincense and in this one I added rosewood a pretty tea note kind of rosewood along with one drop of sambac jasmine and a few drops of lavender. It’s the best one thus far it’s so clean and not overpowering like some that I have made in the past.


  1. Hi Herlucisky,
    Are you asking if i smell them when i am waering it, if thats the question some in the past was very strong and took over but this new one is mild you smell if every now and then.

  2. That sounds fabulous. I'd love to try it someday. I make so many of my own products as well as you know. BTW, I tried the shampoo I made and it's fabulous. My husband and I both love it and I don't need conditioner or need to add any oils to it like I do my regular store-bought shampoos. Don't you love that you can make exactly what you need?

    1. I sure do love it and keeping some money in my pocket at the same time