Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sage and Mage

Do you crave Sunshine and Cocoa? well i do, i have been craving yearning for the sun to shine down and warm my bones for the longest and along came the craving for Chocolate body products.

Well to my surprise i found Sage and Mage ETSY, and i had to order.

Good Morning- With notes like Jasmine, Neroli, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Rosewood, and Vanilla bean Tincture who am i to say no to all those bright beaming essential oil willing to give me a slice of their joy. These oils are blended so well together that no one overpower the other yea i know the citrus rule this blend but Jasmine and Neroli lends a helping hand with their soft floral embrace.

Cocoa Chai- Vanilla spice and everything nice makes up this blend, now i have been craving a Cocoa scent for the longest and then this came along, man does it smell good and it stayed with me all day becoming something on it's own when i put this on my wrist. Warm and seductive just cozy as a hot cup of Cocoa Chai tea with spice like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Boy ho Boy this is yummy.

These blend are in an alcohol and oil base so do not apply to clothing just to the wrist and all the places on your body that makes you tingle.

Good Morning and Cocoa Chai $15.00
sage and Mage

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rainwater Botanical

Its spinning into spring and now it is a time to take a look at my skincare. I have things under control with acne and all but you still have to maintain and keep things clear. I have been using Rainwater Botanical products for almost or over a year now i really never stay with things for such a long time because i always wanna try and change stuff even if i am getting good results. I learn these days i am keeping it simple and if it is not broken do not try to fix it.

I reorder my trouble skin serum along with some new product for spring and summer, i decided to try Sea Buckthorn skin care kit consist of facial cream, serum and a soap.

*Sea Buckthorn & Carrot Nutritive day Hydration- This is very light and perfect for spring and summer skin care because my skin feels moisturized and cool at the same time not heavy with lots of oils and butter but just the right amount of nutrient to feed your skin.

*Sea Buckthorn & Pomegranate Intensive Treatment serum- Now this is the power house of all power house my skin is soft to the touch as soon as i apply this serum it is packing some very impressive stuff it smells good and yes i am in love with this serum.

*Sea Buckthorn Nutritive Facial Soap- This soap impress me i must say its like washing your face with a thick oil that suds yes it clean with out stripping your face instead your skin feels soft and looks clear ready for the next step.

Sara is an amazing person i tell her this all the time, she answers your convo's and i feel like she is a friend, i just love her vibes and she is a sweet sweet person that goes all out to help. Along with the things i order she sent me a new eye cream that is not listed as yet to test. Fun and joke aside the Intensive eye cream is the best i ever used the skin around my eye is soft and i look alive when i wake up in the mornings well rested and ready for my day, pack with helichrysum extract, green tea extract, buckthorn oil, borage seed oil just to name a few this list goes on and one, and a little goes a long way so this will last for a long time as with all her products.

Sea Buckthorn Skin care kit $24.50
Sea Buckthorn Try me Kit $4.00
Rainwater Botanical

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yes she spoke yesterday with loud music, dancing and singing, incense burning, candles blazing, fish frying, rice and peas bubbling all took place last night at 11PM at night, we laugh, talk and enjoyed each other's company and i think that's the way it should be at times but you cannot guess why all this took place because the TV gave out when you don't have a TV man do you get a lot of things done.