Monday, October 14, 2013

Flossie Fern

For the unusual and allure (let's try this again) Flossie Fern was one of those shop that grab my attention from day one the name, the pictures and then the blends. So I finally stop lurking and decided to purchase a sample set.

My six honey pot sample pack ordered back in February was package so neatly and ready to be sniff, the ones that got my attention in her etsy shop at first read:

Basil Rose - Herbal meets the sweet and innocent and it lives up to its name, I don't get any orange, this blend goes dead on into an herbal basil when the warmth of your skin comes in contact with this balm then gentle you get a hint of rose here and there. Basil tends to do that take over anything and everything but it's a happy welcome because it plays nicely with roses.

Dark Waltz and Graveyard Dirt - Could be cousins if you ask me, dark yes they both play on the dark side with notes of patchouli (smells so dirty) and that's a plus everything these days come with the illusion of being too perfect and these two scent decided not to be the norm.  Dark Waltz is the more romantic one in the dry down, and Graveyard Dirt is just that Graveyard Dirt.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Flossie Fern

So sorry about that messy blog post that was supposed to be a draft for editing when I get home later. When I use my computer at work for some reason it does not allow me to edit or go back its just act crazy so I gave up and decided to edit later but it did what it wanted to do as you can tell.


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