Thursday, December 20, 2012

Giveaway (CLOSED)

Just wanted to say thanks to all my readers and to show how much i appreciate your love i will be giving away a big big prize with lots of full size goodies, trust me big big prize i am excited and i will not be entered. These products are all hand made by me but of course.

You can watch the you tube video about the giveaway and enter on the blog or on you tube.

Let me know what product mention below you want to try out and why.

I will be on vacation and will announce the winner when i get back in town.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all

4oz body butter
2oz cleansing goo
1oz once a day moisturizer
5ml weeping rose or extra dark perfume
1 lip rouge
2oz aloe neroli toner
2oz hair butter

Giveaway starts today Dec. 20, 2012 and closed Jan. 20, 2013, winners (2) will be announcing on Jan 21, 2013.

Good Luck

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Homeopathic Medicines

Now i remember why this is not my favorite time of the year, because i am always sick, i have sinus and allergy and they stick on me like glue around this time of the year. So i tried to ride the wave and ride this one out but it was not working i needed to get some medicines like a month ago.

Over the weekend my allergy started up along with my sinus and i decided enough was enough. So i pick up a few homeopathic medicines at The Vitamin Shoppe. I always read review upon review before buying.

Note with homeopathic medicines they work with your body and it takes a little longer to heal whatever problems you got going on. You will have to take more dosage, i mean i am taking 5 tablets every 4 hours and my brother is taking 1 Claritin once per day.

Good for itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat and nose. Non- drowsy and no side effects thank the heavens they dissolve within seconds and have no taste.

My sneezing and stuffy runny nose went away within two day, and i am back to some kind of normality.

My sinus was truly congested, i had it all sinus pain and pressure, headache and you know that feeling that you get when you have water in your ears (i never knew that was sinus related). This seriously help me out big time i still have some cold it's not all cleared up but i have been taking this for a few days and i can tell i will be a OK by the weekend.

Olbas-Pastilles Herbal Cough Drops
These cough drops have very strong powerful vapors, they say maximum strength and they were not joking. These pastilles provides instant relief from sore throats and fights coughs, and also help to cool my nasal passages and gives me a good night's sleep.

Formulated with soothing herbs and chlorophyll (green coloring matters of leaves and plants), chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells, and therefore, increases oxygen utilization by the body. This also has clove, eucalyptus, juniper berry and wintergreen oil all well known for their anti-viral properties.

I find then too strong to take every day so i only use these when i cannot take the cough any more.

I apply this to my chest area to stimulate and enhance breathing keep in mind that this is a pure essential oil blend very powerful and effective. This can also be used for facial steam, tired muscles and sore aching feet.

With essential oil of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, wintergreen, juniper and clove talk about taking care of business big time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vapour Organic Beauty

Is it a surprise that i am talking about this company yet again, i love their products but this post is not about me, my skin loves this line of natural organic living skincare beauty products (that was a mouthful).

I am grateful that i now have what i consider to be makeup optional skin. I don't breakout as much and if i don't breakout i won't look like a spotted leopard. I don't like what i look like in a full face of foundation i mean i like seeing it on other people but it's just not for me.

I love love love cannot live without stratus perfection stick, it blurs and evens out my complexion and that is all i need along with a little concealer. Some eye shadow or liner, mascara when i and feeling like a glam doll, cream blush and a little color on the lips and i am good to go.

Give me cream over powder any day and i will be a happy camper its so convenient, easy to take around with you when you are going away for a few days and it looks more nature on the skin and that is what i want to achieve the natural look the no makeup make up look.

we are women raw, vegan, natural or not and we like to look good we should look good and put ourselves together (blah blah blah) you get what i am trying to say.

I can only speak for myself and it gives my self esteem a boost when i am well put together.

On with the product review already

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector

This is the foundation of everything i use this all over my skin after my moisturizer and it evens and smooths out my skin. I am not oily by mid day and it just holds everything in place and set the stage for the other products. It give my skin a glow from within (no glitter here thank you much) this just makes my skin look flawless.

                                  Illusionist Concealer

This is the first concealer that i actually like how it looks around the eyes, blend right in and even out the under eye area so that it matches the rest of my face. It's neither heavy nor cakey and i just blend this in with my fingers and that's all the best concealer not that i am an expert but it's the best take my word for it.

                Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

I only use this around my nose, mouth and chin, i use this for spot concealing at times. It melts into my skin and become one, this also has light reflective technology meaning it makes you look radiant, never oily just perfection i tell you perfection.

               Aura Multi-Use Blush-Stain

My new favorite thing these are so pigmented the stick will last you forever. I kind of like the stain over the other cheek blushes that vapor offers but my first love and she will always be in my makeup bag is Courtesan from the classic line (the sweetest flush rose to date).

These are true multi-tasks products you can us then on you cheeks, lips and eyes. I like them on my cheek and lips. They are buildable you can do a soft look for the day and a more dramatic look for a night out on the town.

                           Siren Lipstick

I always put on lip balm before any lip product but i don't need lip balms with Vapour lipsticks. They are super moisturizing and smell amazing like grapefruit. Great color payoff and they last on the lips these are ever so perfect for the cold winter months to keep the dry chap lips away (that is not a pretty look please exfoliate).