Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Vibes

-This weekend was one of stalking Eleneetha Etsy for the new Sandalwood body butter.

-Hunting down Corinne Bailey Rae new CD Called The Sea.

-Soak up the sunlight for a few.

-Cook Saturday afternoon steam fish with green banana and yellow yam, and Sunday shrimp pasta.

-Vibing on two new CD that i got on sale at target.

-Stayed in all day Saturday so you know i did all my street walking on Sunday.

-Clay wash my hair, i needed to do a second clay wash but i was being lazy, the hair still looks good.

-My Dad and the girls came over Saturday so we had fun times.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good4You Teas

I love me some tea, i am always drinking tea no matter the time of day, its very soothing and healthy. Good4you tea makes it fun with their blends and the names just have me going because i am a big Bob Marley fan when i play his music it puts me in a place of serenity. She has a few other goodies in her Etsy shop so take a look.

With names like 1 Love, Natural Mystic, Satisfy My Soul, and Judge Not who could resist.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Pure Earth Hair Wash

This hair wash is pure as pure can get, no lather, no fillers, no fragrance, no preservatives, no chemicals at all nothing man made everything in this hair wash comes from mother earth. Simple pure ingredient made up of organic Aloe Vera juice, clay minerals, plant extract and essential oils that's it.

It comes in five different flavors for us lady's with different hair types because we ain't all made up the same way. The web site is well informative with all you need to know about their business and the meaning behind natural products. I used Lavender Garden in the past and i just restock with two big bottles one lavender garden and the other left coast lemon.

This product rocks, it is different for those who love to lather up with big bubbles that strips our hair. If that's what you like this is not it be warned. If you have a lot of build up and cons that you would like to ride your hair of and go to a more natural product lineup, this is good for you. If you just wont to maintain and wash with this as you would with a regular shampoo this is good for you, if you go on the Terressential web page there is step by step instructions for the hair detox process.

I use this product in the shower, i wash my hair in eight big braids, let the water run until my hair is soak then i take down one braid at a time apply mud wash and detangle with fingers and then twist it up, then move on to another braid you get the picture. When all my hair is soaking with the mud wash i let it sit for a few i might go outside fully clothed (i am not a nudes) and let the sun help to bake the mud with a shower cap on so it stays moist and not dry out. Then i get back in the shower and undo one twist at a time and let the water flow and wash the mud out of my hair not disturbing the curls too much i will detangle with my finger while the water is running through the hair and then re-twist and move on to the next twist. Now i only do this mud wash ever seven to eight week, in between my mud wash i conditioner wash every weekend.

Pros: This product cleans the hair without stripping it of its natural oil and helps to balance your oil production. It makes my curls pop like crazy, my hair is shinny, soft and comes alive, you don't need to use a conditioner after using this clay wash and i could detangle with my fingers when i use this product. Sweet

Cons: I use this when i am taking a shower and i just do not like to wash my hair when i am in the shower because it takes too long and i am wet and feel icky. That's it

Trust me on this one, your hair will thank you it come in 2oz $4, 8oz $10.75,16oz $20.50 and trial size gift set of four 2oz for $17.95.

Scents Available are:
Lavender Garden
Left Coast Lemon
Cool Mint
Sultry Spice
Fragrance Free

Monday, February 8, 2010

Garden stuff

My garden is booming with life, i have one bell pepper, four tomatoes and i did a kitchen garden two weekends ago with thyme, sage, parsley and basil. I also planted mojito mint smell so yummy i used it to make lemonade the other day. Planted some strawberries too, and i have few more seeds to plant. Summer i am a coming.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Month Of Love

I got myself a rose bush for valentine along with other stuff scented stuff a little bit of stuff. I planted my bush in a pot with hues of pastel colors so very pretty, and now i have blooms with shades of peach, pink and yellow nice big plush blooms with scented aroma. I love my new rose bush every time i look at it i smile.

So what are those other stuff you mention up above, are you holding out? I got lets see Sapo Bubbles coffrett light, coffrett dark, rose body oil, and body butters. I am still testing these perfumes and will do a review on them soon but i have only good things to say about the collections.

I am eyeing a rose soap from Elennetha, at times i think its too much to buy a soap for $9 but its a treat yep that's what i tell myself. I think i will try things that i have never done before for valentine like bake a cake, not the premix ones in the box. Will let you know how that turns out wish me luck.

So remember its not about gift and how big of a gift that lets you know how much you are loved and appreciated but its the little things throughout the year that counts

You have to learn to love yourself before you love someone else. If you don't have a valentine treat yourself.

Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been a trying week for me with work and home just everything, when nothing seems to go your way when everything comes crashing down. What to do curl up in a ball and cry, or just keep going, knowing that it will get better and i have nothing to cry about because there are people with problems above my head. Never the less its still my problem and i have to face it at this time, I prayed and ask for guidance, peace and strength not only for myself but for others in need as well. Its hard at times and you fell like giving up but you know you cannot, so i did some soul searching some meditation, i walk home the other day about 35 min and it was so relaxing the weather was cool and i felt alive but my feet's hurt so bad. I even turn to scent to help lift my spirits the scent of choice were Frankincense soap, lavender body butter, and a rose and frankincense solid perfume to help ease me into a peaceful slumber, i woke up this morning so at ease with myself ready to take the day on come what may. When ever you are down Pray about it.