Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Month Of Love

I got myself a rose bush for valentine along with other stuff scented stuff a little bit of stuff. I planted my bush in a pot with hues of pastel colors so very pretty, and now i have blooms with shades of peach, pink and yellow nice big plush blooms with scented aroma. I love my new rose bush every time i look at it i smile.

So what are those other stuff you mention up above, are you holding out? I got lets see Sapo Bubbles coffrett light, coffrett dark, rose body oil, and body butters. I am still testing these perfumes and will do a review on them soon but i have only good things to say about the collections.

I am eyeing a rose soap from Elennetha, at times i think its too much to buy a soap for $9 but its a treat yep that's what i tell myself. I think i will try things that i have never done before for valentine like bake a cake, not the premix ones in the box. Will let you know how that turns out wish me luck.

So remember its not about gift and how big of a gift that lets you know how much you are loved and appreciated but its the little things throughout the year that counts

You have to learn to love yourself before you love someone else. If you don't have a valentine treat yourself.

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  1. For me V-Day has always been about love, not just romantic love but friendships, familial relationships-- anyone and anywhere you feel loved and are able to love others. Your rose bush sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate this wonderful day.