Saturday, September 24, 2011

Barielle Nail Polish Part 2

Say hello to Moody, Ecstasy, Get Mauve-ing, Elated, Flirtini, and Wrap me in Ribbon.
I am loving Barielle can you tell

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vapour Organic

Vapour Organic Beauty entered into my life at a time when I needed to simplify things so I was looking for cream eye shadows, cream blush and 2 in one lip gloss with good coverage, and I found it in this line all of the above + they are Organic. They do have a smell of sweet orange, the ingredient is above and beyond and they wear like a dream staying on all day, I did have a few problem with the cream eye shadow creasing but that is solved now I apply a primer to lid before hand and then apply the cream eye shadow with a brush (problem solved), you can blend and build the cream blushes to your heart desire, and do not get me started on the lip gloss perfect pout is all I have to say ok and yea the colors are amazing they are like liquid lipstick, they condition the lips and last long (loving these can you tell). 

Aura cream blush - in Starlet a pinkie/peach glow with silver shimmer and  Multi use in Courtesan a beautiful rose no shimmer blush this give me the perfect flush look

Mesmerize cream eyeshadow - in Lyric a nice smokey lilac (Vapour call this a warm cornflower blue), Sugar the perfect everyday golden peach, and Trick Stick in Star a platinum highlight.

Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss - in Pout a nude,Begiile perfect berry mauve, Honor a pink with gold sheen, and Discreet a deep tan nude.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Transformation and a Look at my Stash

Before (what a mess)

After (so pretty)

and if your wondering what happen to all that stuff I moved them to this little corner and some went in the trash.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Barielle Nail Polish

I have been searching for a more natural nail polish to replace my China Glaze collection, one that does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP, seen a few but the price tag was out of my spending limit. While in T.J. Max the other night in the sale section I came across 3 Barielle protect plus color nail strengthener and decided to take a read (I read everything before purchasing). To my surprise this nail polish is formulated without Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP so why not try.

These are more nail  treatments than nail polish but they do have color to them as you can see in the pic, the colors are sheer pink, pink, natural beige, I am wearing natural beige. The texture of this treatment polish is tick and  this helps in keeping the polish on your nails. the smell is very strong, next time I will be doing my nails outside.

Overall I like them and decided to take a look at Barielle site, they had a sale going on for buy one get one half off with a extra 30% off plus free shipping over $50 I did not make it to $50. So if your looking for a some what natural nail polish (we are girls after all and we like to look pretty) and you don't wanna spend $14-$8 on a bottle of nail polish give then a try.

Not All Attar's Are Equal

I decided to test out Attar Bazaar, prices were good and reviews were great so that's a go in my book, did I have a surprise coming my way. As soon as I open the book I was like no they did not, then I started unwrapping the cute little bottles and open to take a sniff, no way on the face of this earth were these Attar's pure fragrance oil bottled and sold as Attar such a shame.

Thank you Broken Earth for the real stuff for being honest with your buyers I will never stray again.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dr Bonner's

I cut down on my spending a bit and decided to trade in my $10 bar of organic soap for Dr. Bonner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap in Lavender, I re-discovered this liquid soap on my trip this summer as I needed to take something with me to shower and I was all out of bar soap (finally finished my box of soap). Purchased it on vita cost along with a bunch of other things and it sure did the job on my vacation, the smell is truly Lavender and gives you a great shower experience, it lathers up like a dream, your left with clean, fresh skin that is not at all dry and I only need to lather once.

A little goes a long way with this liquid soap and you can also use it around the house for other cleaning jobs, I used it the other day to clean my makeup brushes. Dr Bonner's has a wide range of scents to choose from and I have used a few in the past. At the moment Lavender Rocks

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Broken Earth Naturals

For over 5,000 years Attars has been one of the most Exotic Natural Fragrance for the Soul not only does it smell good but it has a tremendous effect on the olfactory nerves of a person meaning it is a mood shifter, different Attars do different things to help elevate ones feeling. Nakh Choya Attar helps in boosting the consciousness while calming anger and panic and reduces insomnia. White Sandalwood Attar brings on closer to the divine and helps maintain a person's alertness while in meditation. It is said to be relaxing and has antimicrobial properties.

Broken Earth Naturals Attars are distilled botanical materials that are then aged in white sandalwood base.

My personal mixture and most use Attars at the moment are Nakh Choya Attar and White Sandalwood Attar.

Nakh Choya Attar


At first sniff it smells like burnt citrus leaf and twigs and I was like what the hell is this I think they sent me the wrong Attar, but then I decided to put some on and let it mingle with my chemistry and it still smelled like burnt citrus leaf and twigs but on the dry down it turns into something truly worth a second smell and then it shift into a clean smell with a little orange and a back drop of faint sandalwood and I loved it but the lasting power was not the best, comparing to the other Attars that last all day this last at most 1hr.

White Sandalwood Attars

My all time must have smell, it is not at all a strong sandalwood but a soft, clean and almost delicate scent it reminds me of something "NEW", the lasting power stays all day and it is so relaxing for when you’re having a busy day at work and your body heat sends up wafer of sandalwood to calm you down.

Nakh Choya and White Sandalwood Attar

These two mix together creates my perfect scent one that I can sit with all day and not get annoyed, one that is unique and all me. This combination together has a soft smoky, clean, and fresh scent.

What is your scent? You know like my aunt love wings perfume so every time I smell wings I remember her.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yes i am back went on a little vacation, be on the look out for new post and new blog.