Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little Incentive

In Florida we still have nice weather and even when it gets the chills it’s still nothing compare to other States, so I will not complain. I have a few review in the making a little bit of this and a little bit of that if you stop in and read this blog say hello I will not bite.

What do you smell like today? 11/10/09
LULU HONEY VAMP Perfume oil from crushedvelvetroses's, it’s a really interesting scent I never thought I would like something that has notes of lime in it yes lime but they all come together so loving, the Mexican Lime, Honey and May Chang to name a few of the notes comes together and created something very electric and them mellow out into a soft blossom of an unknown citrus tree one yet to be discovered. To really get the true essence of this scent I mellowed out my daily layering of different scent, on any giving day I normally have on 3 to 4 different scents my lotion, perfume oil to pulse point, and them a Eau de Toilette but today I applied a next to no scent lavender oak moss body oil, and then LULU HONEY VAMP to pulse point I also took it to work with me to dab on whenever I need a little pick me upper.

What do you smell like today? 11/11/09
Sweet Charlotte Perfume oil from crushedvelvetroses's, this is a very delicate scent, with a dry down of a clean scent almost soap and water clean. Jasmine one of the notes in this scent we have a love hate relationship, at times it can be too sweet but in this blend it is very mellow. Sweet Charlotte notes are Linden Blossom, Mexican Lime, Jasmine and other Essential oil and Absolute in an oil base. Beautiful fragrance I keep sniffing myself.

What do u smell like today? 11/12/209
Like an enchanted forest, yes lush green misty earth and sweet woods. Starting with the body balm spikenard body balm soft musky forest, then on to the solid perfume Q woodsy lush forest, take a few steps to the Natural Artisan Colognes Vetiver n Guaiac wet earth at its finest with a touch of woods and spicy notes. You see I am back to layering and I adore this new combo for today I just evoke nature calling on the wild.

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