Friday, November 6, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Life in the fast lane can get a bit over the top, never forget to stop, slow down and take a deep breath do something for you to lighten the mood whatever makes you happy do it. Whenever life is getting ahead of me I slow down and get some sleep, I will treat myself, do a facial run a bath and a little soft music, good dinner and wine are welcome in my party. I really like the outdoors I like to plant you would never imagine the load it could take off your shoulders just by digging in the dirt not to mention the joy it brings when they start to grow.

Stress, that word is no joke, do not play with stress that takes a toll on the body and can do some serious damage. Did you know that Essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile to name a few can calm and put you in a place of serenity. Take a walk in the park surrounded by lush tress and crisp fresh air and do some un-cluttering in that head of yours.

Some product suggestion to help get your head light as a sky are Crushed Velvet and Rose Bitch Balm What a name, now with a name like that it must work. Rub a little on your Temples at the back of you neck or just sniff the balm from the jar, it will melt your worries away. Also try Lilsprouts Organic Wellness Blends, light a candle rub them temples and take a nap, wake up to a new place of serenity.

As blue as the sky on the sunniest day the dashing roar of the seas as you watch the children play not a care in the world fills their days. Be a kid sometime and leave that world of bills and chores for just a day.

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