Friday, November 6, 2009

Dim the Lights Please

There is nothing more romantic than a candle light dinner, taking a bath with the lights off and nothing but the glow of some candles flickering in the back ground, or watching TV with all the lights off but accompanied by that of the softest touch of light. As much as I love scent on me I love scent around me I want my home to smell just as good as I do so I love coming home and lighting a candle or two, or put the candle on a warmer hey why not both shall we.

Today’s spot light goes to no other than Lilsprout from ETSY of course, Let us start with the lady behind this brand she is the most caring, understanding, and easy to talk to seller I have the pleasure to work with. Now for the smelly stuff in her candle line up u have both natural essential oil blends and nature essential oil with fragrance oil. In her natural line there is a whole lot to chose from and the prices are just on the money. When I leave work I would like to come home to a more relaxing and as I call it my oasis.

These candles are all made with natural soybeans, therapeutic grade essential oils and All natural cotton wicks, and talk about smell good yes they do they are not loud they just scent your space so if u wont something to take over this is not it but if u are like me and like a whisper of scent at times jump right in and order you some candles. If I had to chose my top five candles from Lilsprout’s they would be.
1. Vertiver patchouli sandalwood
2. Mystic dragon
3. Monster be gone
4. Vanilla sandalwood
5. OM Meditation

That’s just my top five but I have like a top 25 list of these candles, so visit Lilsprout’s candle shop drop a note or two and get you some yummy smelly flickers of glow. Enjoy

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