Thursday, November 19, 2009

What does the Body Good?

Skin Care

The times are a getting cold and your skin need a little extra loving let’s talk about skin care not face that’s a different entry we are going to talk about the body. It all start in the shower you need a good soap not the ones that are loaded with who knows what but the ones that are made with natural oils and butter and scent to fit a goddess bath. Two of my favorite Handmade Artisan soap markers are Eleneetha and Sappobubbles from Etsy. Talk about smell good, and does the body good you can feel the oil in these soap and it leave you not dry but moisturize and clean.
So after a shower once a week or twice per week I like to do a salt or sugar scrub my favored scrub is from Spa Goddess the detox scrub that scrub will hush you to sleep it relaxes and calms my body no joke. If you do a scrub there is no need to butter up when u get out the shower because the oil from the scrub did that for u already, but if you did not Scrub you can chose a fine butter from any one of these Etsy to slather on damp skin. Try not to have the water too hot for the shower, and take a soak every now and then with some salt, flowers N herb, and milk power be adventurous and make one or if you’re not in the mixing mood buy one from Spa Goddess.

Heaths Shall we
As the weather changes so does our body, it changes and adjust to the climate, I have learn this over the year of getting sick ever time the weather changes so lesson learn and now I know how to fight back. Build that immune system to do so eat properly, drink lots of water exercise to keep your blood pumping and proper supplement, take your vitamins, Echinacea and pro biotic at all time especial when I feel anything creeping up on me. If you treat your body well it will do good things for you in return.

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