Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Obsession Liz Zorn perfume

I am in love, if I could die and go to perfume heaven this would be it. Fist off Liz Zorn Soivohle has two lines All Natural and Natural and manmade material, you know what I will touch on let’s talk about her natural line, talk about pure pleasure, comfort, and durability with longevity. Fist I sample the Artisan Cologne suite and fell in love with lavender patchouli and vertiver N Guaiac in that order I received a sample of sinti pure bliss rose at its finest drench in smoke grounded but pretty all in one. These last all day long and into tomorrow natural perfume like you have never seen before

Lavender N Patchouli
She is the mellow one that makes a statements with beams of vanilla, this is a very very wearable lavender patchouli no one more than the other they came together beautifully and with the softness and whisper of vanilla making this a warm to the skin perfume, make you wont to cuddle with your love one.

Vertiver N Garcier
Bold she is, she speaks and let you know she is in the room with the strength of a woman. Vertiver heaven this is so out there and powerful but calm and sensual, grown and sexy perfect for a night out. She plays well with leather and smoke the earth goddess.

With such depth she glides, the room is dime the scent in the air of smoke and warmth as the the strings of the guitar plays, Sinti Pure bliss a rose is a rose is a rose. If you are not a rose fan don’t fear sinti is here this is not a in your face scented rose this has depth, power and darkness. It stands alone you smell rose but never like this before with leather and smoke this is a me scent you know when u find that scent that just speaks you like it was created for you and you alone. A scent that no one else will have on nor can they guess whose creation your wearing they would have to ask what is that smell. This is it

Take a look over at Liz Zorn get some samples she has a special going on as we speak free shipping on $50 or free shipping and 10% off $100. Run do not walk.
Liz Zorn Soivohle website

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