Thursday, November 19, 2009


It’s that time of year again turkey, cranberry sauce, rum punch, pies the list goes on. Crazy family that sums up my family in a nut shell yep they are crazy people with the driest scene of humor you have ever encountered. If you cannot take a serious joke do not enter. We will be away for the holidays going to visit some family in Greensboro NC one of my homes I do have many, I am so excited I have not been back in a long time because I never make the time but I decided life is to short so we must enjoy. In this enchanted village you have my aunt and her cubs, mama bear she tries to take control but always fumble under the spell of her off springs big hogger bear AKA the Punisher the oldest, second in line Sneaky bear she watches her pray then strike, third in line funkadelic bear and last but not least drum roll please baby bear the cutest one of them all (but bad like yaze). On the other side of the villages we have the elders the big hunga hunga hunga big Grand papa and Grandmother bear.

My aunt always work on the holidays and she tries to fit so many thing in at the last minute god bless her soul and hopefully this thanks giving the food will not be burnt. I know it will be crazy like any other time I have spent with the family; I will be in town for four days and four nights of food, thrift storing and sale hunting we love a sale, who does not. And I just cannot wait let the fun times begin.

Happy Thanksgiving you all put your best foot forward and smell up the place with a blend that says you’re a show stopper.

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