Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am Back

I am back from my trip to NC and yes I am a sick mess, man that place was cold but it seem like I was the only one feeling the blues because my cousins were in flip flops and not a sniffles in sight for them were as I was all buckled up in a sweater, scarf and coat. Well I still had fun, it was refreshing to be out of town for the holidays and it was enjoyable because my family is on some unknown substance for hilariously crazy people. Did a little cooking as yes my aunt did burn the turkey but it came out good, we did some shopping at my favorite spots, and I also got in on the action for some black Friday say at Darcy’s Botanical over at ETSY, and some cyber Monday shop at Chant and Sappobubbles. I got some shampoo bars from sweet cheeks I got the sample pack of 10 for $20 and I also got some stuff from Magickal Realism Perfume Arts to try out let’s see if I like those so I have a good amount of stuff coming my way to blog about.

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