Friday, December 11, 2009

The Times are a Changing

We still have what you call good weather in Florida, some people might be saying when does it every get bad, yes I live in paradise. What made me appreciate Florida even more was my visit to North Carolina over Thanksgiving and that cold bit me in the rare like a bad virus. I am bracing and welcoming my miner chill that will be upon us in a few weeks, I welcome you with an open heart and a warm smile.

I took the most amazing picture last night of the sky with hues of blue and golden orange just beautiful and I hope I can get to share and upload it soon because my camera is not playing nice and hence why my pictures have been in hiatus.

For the holiday I have no idea what I will be doing, if I had my way I would like to go visit my mom but I have no time off from work and money is low, so I might go to Jacksonville and spend with my friends and godson or I might just stay home.

Things to come in the near future on this blog, let’s see more on my hair, mineral makeup review, skin care and my obsession with nature scents I never knew there are so many different EO, Attars, Resin, Absolute it’s amazing and I am just enjoying it. How the natural elements of Earth come together and sing melody’s of scents. People that wear and only know synthetic scents like my family and friends will smell me and go eww what are you wearing ,you see everyone knows when I have arrived because I smell unique, and I smell them and say the same thing what is that loud obnoxious smell booming from your body. I am at a point where I cannot even smell the ones that they lay on you in the department store. So my message on this blog is to let everyone know that there is an option, the sensitive one or the curious one.

That’s it for now and I am waiting on my package from Chat that should be here any day now, I actually draft the entry for it yesterday so when the soaps get in just to take pictures and describe the scent Soap Porn on its way. Happy Weekend

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