Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Round Up

As we head on full speed into 2010 let’s take a look back into 2009 for some of the much loved products that we just cannot live without in 2010.

1. An all natural skin care experience that I wish I knew about several years aback.

2. These fine ladys from ETSY that have made my year of nature living a breeze.

a. Sapobubble- This lady comes in first place with her lovely body butters, Soap, Parfume Creams and Anointing oils fit for an Egyptian Goddess, her scent take you back in time with and modern twist like no other. I look forward to what she has in store for 2010. Fave product of all time from this seller all of them every single one of them hold a special part in my Scented heart and I just cannot pick one sorry.

b. Eleneetyha- The soap lady, her blends are of majestic quality with their healing ability to lift any spirit in the bath, pure joy she bring with her ever changing menu of natural good organic soap with the highest quality in oil, butter and essence. If I have to say what soap that I could not live without from Chant it is her new Frankincense Co2 soap that sold out in a week, and the Sandalwood Vetiver Rose Guest Soap with champaca flower that sold out as well. Well that is two but trust me if you know Chant soaps like I know Chant soaps (FYI I have a box of Chant soap under my bed and I cut each soap into four) that was very hard for me to just choose one.

c. Lilsprout- Candles they say set the mood and this lovely lady has a whole lot of mood setters with many blends for different mood shifting scents, whether it be romance, healing, or plain old I just like how that smell she has it. Candles to die for are Frankincense and Myrrh, Patchouli rose and Candy Cane Lane.

d. Darcys Botanical- Darcy has my hair care on lock, her heart is big and that says a lot in my book and her products speaks for them self. Her New Twisting Cream is lovely.

3. Book of 2009 will have to be Twilight and New Moon gots to love it.

4. Movie that I watch many times will have to go to Twilight.

5. Blogs that intrigue me, too many to list.

I wish you all the best for the upcoming year, and may your hearts be open and your minds free.


  1. HAppy new year!!
    great list and thank you for your kind comments on my blog! you know I am in trouble. I am addicted to candles, soaps and oils so I have to check out their profiles. I loove me some darcy's botanicals too. What is your etsy username? I'll tell them that you sent me over :)

  2. happy holidays!!!!!!! wow thankyou so much for adding me to your blog , iam absolutely thrilled:)
    i hope that you have a happy new year, and would love to create some special blends, so pop over anytime

  3. Hi, Amina thanks for coming over, my name at ETSY is curlytrixy.

  4. Hey Lilsprout, Happy New Year and i will see you in 2010 for more candle fun.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I live Darcy's Botanicals and Sapo Bubbles as well!

  6. Thanks for stopping in Shanessence, a lover of Sapo Bubbles perfect, so let’s see what is your most beloved product from the famous and talented Justine Crane.

  7. It's Shanessence again. Way back when I bought Justine's Jonquil and Boronia perfumes and both were amazing. Recently I bought Garden of Kedar and love it. It's like a lush floral paradise.

    BTW, visit my blog when you get a chance. Happy New Year!