Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eleneetha's CHANT

Ring the alarm, tell it on the mountains, and shout it from the roof top chant soaps are in the house. I love this lady soap she sure does know how to make a good bar of soap that smells delightful, enchanting and whimsical. Fairy tale soap definitely eye candy how could you resist ,the looks of these soaps alone draws you in, then the scents steals your soul, the lather comfort your heart and your ever desire to ecstasy. Yes soap porn, with a sale without a sale this woman soap are a steal so do not hesitate because they change monthly and I think that is one of the reason I am drawn to her site because nothing is set in stone and it opens your mind to change. Meaning if you always buy a lavender soap from Tom every month this is not the case if you see something u like grab it because it may not show its head until next year or never.

Cyber Monday sale buy one get one how yea, grab grab grab and think later my heart skip a beat when I saw the announcement I tried to be modest and decided to leave some for other buyers. Drum roll for the lineup please.

Winter's Beauty Soap with Spikenard, Rose and Patchouli-

Juicy Spruce Soap with Douglass Fir and Cade-

Eucalyptus Soap with Salt and Pumpkin Seed Oil-

Vanilla Soap with Cocoa Butter and Dark Chocolate-

CHANT website

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