Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Yaw Toting Around

It’s time for what’s in your bag

First off I need a new bag for work, hint hint to family, friend and love ones that read my blog you know who you are. Now on to the fun stuff I like small to medium size sling bags that I can put across my body and go. Fossil is a lover of mines, at the moment I am taking my blue fossil back with me to work but this is my weekend bag I am just too lazy these days to transfer back to my beat up bag that needs to be replaced. Let see what in my bag my weekend wallet that is so small and cute, lavender hand sanitizer by EO, Italian Mint lip balm by Skin Journey, 3 lip gloss by Fyrinnae don’t ask, Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter that I use as an hand cream, Sapobubbles AKA Justine Crane Orabge Blossom everlasting mango perfume balm and trust everlasting it is, Pill box with vitamins, Ricola, a bunch of paper and no money.

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