Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini Reviews

Fist off, I did get the soap from Chant on Friday so that review is landing soon, I have to take pictures and try again to upload on the site.

Shasta EsScents

I also got in the mail my Shasta EsScents sample set of five lovely smelly. Below is a description from Shasta EsSents ETSY shop and then follow with my take on the scent. Her descriptions are dead on. I also received a sample of her lavender body butter and it smells good and moisturizes my dry patches.

Wild Rose - simple and sublime. Turkish Rose Otto and
Wild Rose~ Roses for sure all kinds of roses like a lush rose garden in bloom.

Karmacita - Sweet Valencia orange with a warm patchouli & spice dry down~ A lovely blend for the not so patchouli lovers this one is very light on the patchouli.

Snow Blossom - Green and light as a crisp winter day~ I sample Snow Blossom as soon as I smelled it because I smelled mint; I don’t know what it is with me and mint these days.

Grand Coeur - Rich florals with a vintage mystique~ smells like something Victorian, something from a old black and white 17century movie.

Patchouli Amour - Earthy Vintage Patchouli. Reminiscent of Haight-Ashbury when I was a little girl! ~ Earthy Patchouli grounded and farces.

I also got my order from Urbaneden’s shop from ETSY, I bought a deodorant that only contains butters and Essential oils no clays , baking soda or cornstarch let’s see how it holds up. With that order she send me samples of her soap Feeling groovy and coco mint loved them both they smell good yes they are all natural and scented with only natural essence, coco mint is so yummy so I return to order some more.


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