Thursday, December 10, 2009

Magickal Realism Perfume Arts

First off this seller have so many scents I was confused as to what to get, whenever I visited the website I would read reviews after review to get an idea as to what to try, but that was no help so when all ends failed I did what I knew best to do, one get something familiar and two get something different than what I already had in my growing collection, so therefore if I did not like the wild card I would sure to love the familiar scent. Guess what I loved both scents and I also got a bonus sugar scrub for myself in my order.

Vee- The wild card was very surprisingly different than what I loved to wear, at the time I sniff this I was sick and when I am sick I stay away from scent, even my most beloved patchouli I could not use because I was sick. Vee speaks with spices and warmth it’s a story line of True blood for all the True blood fans the Vee that Lafayette supplies around town to the feeble humans. In the Tube its very claying and sweet and I was like what does this have to do with blood but like the addict for Lafayette supply I could not put it down I find myself reaching for it at all times to either sniff or apply to my skin. On contact with my skin it warms up with cinnamon and ginger that are not listed on the site. Overall I like Vee and appreciate its company for the cold winter days.

Earth- Yes yet another patchouli scent what can I say I love patchouli I think it’s the scent on earth and I am a lover of nature and all this that come with it except lizard that haunts my soul in the yard. Sniffing Earth from the bottle it is very faint but I applied it to my skin the other day and at first I get very calm patchouli, shifts of vetiver and then I smell mint a very pretty mint mingling amongst the big players. This took me by surprise and I keep sniffing myself. Yet another hit on the patchouli fragrance.

Lavender and Spikenard Olive Oil Hand Scrub- All I do is sniff this stuff it smell very good not your typical lavender scent more dark floral and deep I guess the Spikenard lend a helping hand in the way this scent evolves.

Overall I had fun with Magickal Realism Perfume Arts and she is closed now for the month of December in preparation for her wedding, and will reopen in January. Her prices are not bad at all and she also had free shipping when I order, and my package was at my door step in speedy time.

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