Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Hair

At time we get along so well and then like a rebellious child there you go again. I love my hair it stand out from the others it has its own character, coils, and shape of a mad man. It just does it own thing and who am I to stop it, I just let it be. My hair

Caring for my hair these days is as easy as easy can get, i condi wash every one or 2 weeks depending on what my hair is saying, i shampoo every 1 to 2 months and deep treat whenever it tell me to. No i am not crazy and yes my hair speak to me, it lets me know how to care for it and what it needs when it need it.

Product List
1.Shampoo Bar from sweet cheaks.
2.Conditioners from Aubrey it changes but i am loving the aloe one.
3.deep treat with Aubrey protein condi or Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treat. with Aubrey leav-in curl Activator, Darcy Botanical The New Twisting Cream without Glycerin.
5.during the week i use coconut oil.
6.Sleep with a silk scarf and on silk pillow care.

That's it can u believe it wow i have come a long way i remember when i use to try everything on the shelf's and fight to get my hair to look a certain way but now i just let it be all it can be.
My Hair


  1. great routine!!!!
    how do you like darcy's new twisting cream? I got both and still haven't used them. I am trying to finish up first the palm kernel cherry butter

  2. I love Darcy's new twisting cream it work great for my twist and curl. I will post pic of my hair soon so keep on the look out.

  3. thanks for stopping by my fotki girl! Nappy New year...I love the scent inspiration to your blog so facinating!

    what is the Ao curl busting leave in like? Is it a new product...i've never seen it before!

  4. Hey Zhara thanks for coming by to see my blog, did your hair grow or what, what are you eating i need some, the Aubrey products is Sea Buckthorn Leave-In Conditioner & Curl Activator. It gives my hair much needed moisture and it does not cause my hair to shrink too much.