Thursday, April 1, 2010


Bring bath time back. Yes she did, Trisha from skinfolk is such a talented lady with her butters and bath soaks. Trisha Salah Sachets are not to be missed, you must try these. It is filled with so many yummy ingredients too much for me to list now so i will post the link to Salah Sachets.

I received a sample of this Sachet with my very first order from Skinfolk, and as soon as i got it i took a soak, and just let me tell you all my stress and tension melted away. The water in the tube look like a big cup of herbal tea, the aroma of lavender relaxed me, the different mixtures of salt purify and add mineral, mint stimulate while the honey and buttermilk soften and moisturize my skin. After my soak i fell new and refresh, ready for a good night sleep.

I vow to take a soak once per week, and i thank skinflow for sending that sample.
Trisha is having a special for the Salah Sachets at one cent shipping that is a deal so grab grab grab.
One Salah Sachet $3.00
Four Salah Sachet $10.00


  1. I like Skinfolk, too! I make my own bath soaks, but hers sound great. I have tried a couple of her butters and I want to try some of the others.

  2. I love her stuff the Amazonia butter does very well in my natural hair, but these soak puts me to bed, they are very relaxing.

  3. I just featured her and her shop, Skinfolk in my blog also! Her products are amazing!!! :-).

  4. Yes I love her sachets, i am so relax after a soak.