Friday, May 21, 2010

Top 10 summer beauty things you must have and do

1. Sun screen- Yep Rainwater Botanical has a few one for the body and one for the face and her products are always on the money, good natural and price right products.
2. Lip balm- Rainwater Botanical again has a nice tangerine lip balm and I love Skin Journeys Italian mint lip balm. I have one in my bag and one by my bed.
3. Facial Mist- Sappo bubbles has a few home distill in pretty glass bottles very fancy stuff. Spay them every time you wash your face and use them to mix your clay.
4. Foot care- time to bring out the flip flaps so the ped egg is a good buy along with Skin Journey Volcanic Ash & Mint foot scrub and Indonesian Aloe & Hydroxy Acid foot treatment. Trust me baby soft.
5. Facial- keep it Light and do a facial every week scrub, steam and clay mask. Your face will glow for summer, remember to replenish after each facial.
6. Body- Take a wash with Eleneetha soap they are the best I should know I have a box full under my bed. Scrub once a week I like salt scrub from skin bath and body her soaps are good too, but if you fancy sugar go for it, soak with Selah from Skinfolk once per week it detox and makes your skin soft, moisturize every time you wash to replenish your skin in the summer I like scented oils over heavy butters.
7. Shave- Use a shaving soap Etsy has a few and my fave is Urbanedan smooth legs shaving soap it smells like roses.
8. Hair- keep it simple its no fuss hair, I clay wash once per month, conditioner wash every weekend and I love me some coconut oil from Diosa Botanical.
9. Fragrance- lots of body splash they are light and you spray them on you body and on your cloths just refreshing i request my body splash from Rainwater Botanical a few of my faves are Jasmine winds, Chamomile, and Rain all day. Perfume nice florals and citrus to bring on the summer.
10. Now this is the last and most important Top 10 things to do for summer enjoy each day, plan summer adventures make it last as long as the sun is up and on into the night. LIVE PEOPLES


  1. What a lovely list of summer essentials. I see that we have a lot of common favorites. I love Urban Eden, Eleenetha and Skin. Bath & Body's soaps. I have way too many soaps, but I do savor each one, share with family & friends, and use them to scent my clothes in their drawers. I also love Skinfolk's soaks and butters, especially Amazonia and Califia. I agree with #10 on your list: live life to the fullest. Don't hold back - lose yourself in the boundless fun and adventure that make summer the joy that it is. Life is too short not to!

  2. Hey,
    How have you been? I do the same thing with my soap put them in the drawers, and yes life is too short so enjoy.

  3. I've been good, and pretty busy! How about you?

  4. Busy with work and trying not to let everyday problems get me down.