Friday, May 28, 2010

Mood Shift

I have been a little out of it as of lately and I just could not put my fingers on it like what is the matter with me yes that is me speaking to myself I do it all the time (I am not crazy).

I was feeling a little fatigued, scent is a mood shifter this I know I started using blends with fragrance oil just a tad for something different you know at times you need a change, but my head started feeling funny my mood was crazy the negative feelings started creeping in and I was just down for no reason I mean I have problems in my life like we all do but this had nothing to do with that. I think that the perfume gave me the negative fibe so now I am back to using only natural scents. Problem solved because i fell upbeat.

The power of nature essential oils and plant base material and the benefits of using natural base products.


  1. I very rarely use items with fragrance. I use natural products with all-natural scents from EOs, resins, etc. about 95% of the time. There is something about natural products and scents that can't be matched by synthetics, not to mention their at-times harmful effects. I will never go back! What I know now and the lovely items I've managed to accrue along this journey are truly priceless to me.

  2. I have been using blends with a mixture of both FO and EO but my mood was not having it, so now I am back to all natural. What a big difference it makes.