Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Bee

I have been a lazy and busy bee these days, family and friends are going to fill my home this summer starting on Saturday, so I am busy cleaning house and its hard work and then the heat drains all my energy but I still love you my dear sun.

I plan on going thrifty to get a dining table but the boys don't enjoy my style for strange and crusty looking things, so they try to talk me out of it all the time. They love new and shiny while I love old and vintage. My dad and I went to Home Goods last weekend and I pick up an wooded art for my wall on sale for only $10, two mirror with wood around then for $5 each and a small picture for $2 I live for a sale by the way, he was like where are you going with that I was like it looks vintage and used so I will buy it thank you.

I need to attend to my garden and the flowers they are being neglected because on the weekend I spend time with my dad and sisters along with G, so my home and yard do not get the time and attention it deserve but at times I just want to get away from it all and that is where the laziness kicks in. I think the sun hits my home the hardest so everything that I plant dies from the blazing sun, gots to find shade to keep them safe it can get pretty hot here in Florida blazing hot.

So now that summer is in and what I cannot go to the beach because of the oil spill are you freaking telling me that my summer will be beach less? What fun is summer if iIlive in Florida with great beaches and weather and all I can do is look and do not touch? What about our health come on get it together if you destroy everything that God creates what do you think will happen to you in the near future.

New scents are coming in the mail this weekend i hope and i just wanna smell hurry up mailman hurry. Two need discoveries on ETSY Vireo Perfumes and Midnight Gypsy Alchemy.


  1. I hear you on neglect. We moved recently and I need to get back to unpacking, but I have been in serious vacation mode. I plan to do more tomorrow...we'll see.

    I also love vintage items and vintage-styled things in general. I have been enjoying Midnight Gypsy Alchemy and Vireo Perfumes. They make high-quality, unusual blends that I am quite pleased with. I hope that you will enjoy them, too. Let me know how you like everything.

  2. Happy that you got to your new destination safely, what are some of your favorite from Midnight Gypsy Alchemy and Vireo?

  3. I love all of Vireo's blends, especially The Spell and the Patchouli Blend. The Smoke perfume is pretty nice too. I really like the powdery softness of MGA's Gypsy Beauty, the dark, berry fruitness of Raven's Spell, and the tropical feel of Magick and Moonlight. Chocolate Mystique is good for when you're in the mood for a cocoa/foody-type scent. I think that you will love the perfumes. MGA makes some good bath salts, too. The scents are light (some more fleeting than others) and beautiful, perfect for me for spring/summer.

  4. Thank you, i got Vireo in the mail and i agree with you i do love her blend. We will see how it goes with MGA's.