Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vireo (Part 1)


Are you one for scents that tells a story, a scent that goes beyond top, middle and base notes, scents that are alive and has a journey that takes you to a far away time and place, scents that lives on? If you are, you've come to the right place because this the first installment of a three part scent journey into vireo's world. I enjoy this new space on ETSY, her energy draws me into her space, her description takes me to what she sees and its just magical.

Coco Violette

Her description for this is almost edible and it sure is, its supple and sweet feminine without the flowers but captivating and cozy. This scent is yummy with notes of blood orange, cardamon, violet, Cassie for a touch of spice, coco absolute for warmth, and vanilla for a little sweets, my only wish for this scent is for it to linger a little longer and guess what she listen and now it comes in a more amped up version. I would imagine if I could make Violette ice creams these would be my ingredients. Yum

Smoke Follows Beauty

Dark and moist, green and lush, tantalizing mossy twigs. It wraps up together in one to create this breath taking rich scent. With notes like hay, Guaiacwood these two are at the beginning of this scent and as the journey goes on I get what might be the Lapsangs souchong (Vireo infusion), and at the end sandalwood and vanilla takes it home. Long lasting, stayed with me all day.

Madagascar & Tahitian Vanilla Oil

Yummy Yum Yum goodness I have never smelled a vanilla infusion so rich, sweet, syrupy, dripping caramel yumness. Wow this takes me to someplace good I wanna taste it it looks edible and smells delectable. She sent me a sample of this and I had to get a vial for my stash.

I enjoy these creation and will be on the look out for new listing on Vireo.

Coco Violette $12 1/8 oz dram vial

Smoke follows beauty $9 1/8 oz dram vial

Madagascar & Tahitian Vanilla oil $9 1/8 oz dram vial


  1. I just love her blends. Her vanilla really is the richest infusion I've ever tried. I also told her I'd like The Spell to be stronger and she is going to amp that up, too. She makes some lovely blends. I love all of them. You must try her Organic Patchouli Hay Salve when she lists it again. As a lover of Patchouli I really enjoy this blend. So earthy and grounding and a little sweet at the same time.

  2. I'm a rooster too! Hmm, I just need to work on the cocky part. Your review left me thrilled and inspired to create and stay true to my art that can be nervewrecking. You never know what a persons taste is in the scent world.
    I am honored to be reviewed by you. It is my first and especially exciting. Thank you!

  3. I sometimes wear the vanilla to bed and it makes me hungry.

  4. I can't believe I have a couple of supporters!
    You wouldn't believe all the work and the mess that is made making that vanilla. The caviar sticks every wear. I wear gloves and I have to change them a couple times during the scrapping and cutting of the beans.

    The vanilla me hungry too! I have this coco absolute that I have mixed with it and I swear I practically sleep walk to consume it as it smells exactly like a rich chocolate cake. yum! I also make a alcohol tincture with the beans that ends up in some drinks.