Friday, June 11, 2010

Living Skin Care

Would you like to have something simple and pure for your face? Living skin care.
Take a look at these lovely finds over at Eleneetha.

Swamp hag facial cleanser, the best i have used to date.
Frankincense facial protection serum for a little TLC.
Patchouli vanilla potion for the goddess in you, this makes me glow.

Hurry her menu changes every week.


  1. I LOVE her Patchouli Vanilla Potion! Isn't it lovely? I have a sample of her Swamp Hag Facial Cleanser that I haven't used yet. She makes some fantastic products in her hidden little corner on Etsy.

  2. ooh, I'm on etsy right now ordering this. Cant wait!

  3. TTLOVE218 let me know what your getting and how you like them.

  4. What did you use as a base? I mostly use honey on my face. Did you use it as a mask or cleanser?

  5. Hey TT,
    I use water as a base i apply it right before my shower and rinse it after my shower. Then apply Patchouli vanilla potion.

  6. Oh wonderful, I'm getting that too!