Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dawn the owner of Dawn to Dusk Essentials, she is such a pleasure to work with and speak to and she has a radiance about her that pulls you in. I have many of her perfume oils but i am going to review the five pack sampler of Pentagonal Patchouli,yes its getting cooler or should i say cold outside and the darker days are upon us so now i am reaching for more depth in my scents so i decided to sample this Patchouli set, to be honest with you i got a little tired of Patchouli scents because it can be so overpowering and sometimes over shadow the other essential almost like stifling them, but knowing Dawns creations i knew i would not be disappointed.

From reading the description on this collection they all share similar notes of Dark Patchouli,Amber resin, Sandalwood, Cardomom, Rock Rose Resin, Myrrh Co2, Frankincense, Cedarwood Atlas, Agarwood C02, Spikenard and Sea Buckthorn but each has its own twist to set it apart form the rest.

Choco-Chouli - Dark rich and very delicious, this was the first one i sampled from the package and it did not disappoint, its starts off rich and warm and hugs the skin with its rich French Cocoa Absolute and this lingers a bit until it drifts into a sweet wood.

Rosa-Chouli -  I have sampled rose and patchouli perfume before so i was like OK this would probity be the same scent, nope the rose in this is so alive its  like smelling a rose that just open its bud. Beautiful roses upon roses unfolding its petals is what this scent opens with and them on the dry down the patchouli adds a deep alluring scent that last and last until you wash it off.

Cedar-Chouli - Now this one brings back memories of desert rain hot overcast the earth rich aroma scorch by the sun awaiting the first drop of rain. I enjoyed this one for those days when i needed something to call my own rare and special. This is consider masculine but i am loving it.

Rum-Chouli - Dark and mysterious, this is another masculine scent but it smell nice on me and it is not at all over powering.

Pixie-Chouli - Very sweet and Feminine vanilla mix up with a little dirt.Lovely balance of essential perfect for every day wear.

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