Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cleaning Clutter and Rediscovering Lost Products

I am on a mission to finish up all my half bottles around the house too much stuff and I need to get rid of the clutter, so it is nice to clean and rediscover things that are hiding on the back of the shelf.

I wash my hands allot and the one thing I do not like is dry hands and dry skin, I have to lotion my hands every time I wash them and not any or every lotion can hold up to this test.

In June of 09 I purchase this Sweet Orange Calendula Cream with organic oils from Mirasol Farm and it’s a life saver so this is yet another revisited product. She still carries this if you want to try it.

Nov. 09 Holiday Offering Spiced Chocolate Jasmine Body Butter and Vanilla Ginger Decadent Body Butter by the talented The Scented Djinn the best for the cold winter months and a little goes a long way and the scent don't get me started on the scent I am wearing the Spiced Chocolate Jasmine Body Butter today and it smells like I just purchased it now it 's been like what a year now and this body butter still holds strong with moisture and smell. You see Justin its 2010 and yes it’s the Holidays again wink wink :)

Nov. 09 amma's rose lotion by Feather Heart Trading Co. now rename as sandalwood rose peace lotion I remember this lotion I am all out yep this one did not last it was used up because unlike the Holiday Offering from The scented Djinn that only came out for special occasion this was my everyday lotion beautifully scented with rose water and sandalwood the oils in this are on the money as well cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, and almond oil. I will repurchase this body butter.

Aug. 09 Vanilla Blossom Organic Salt Scrub with Real Vanilla, Exotic Orange Blossom Absolute, Dead Sea Salts and Mineral Clay by Gabriel's Aunt, now I have scrubs that I got way after I purchase this scrub and when I open them I get the funny oil gone bad smell but not this the scent is still strong its dense and after useing this scrub I do not need to butter up, talk about soft supple skin. She no longer has this listed but she has other scrub that I will try after I use up my lot.


  1. I am also focused on using up what I have. I recently rediscovered a few body butters that I made last winter with shea butter, mango butter, sea buckthorn, argan and other oils (one really smells divine), and I also found a body butter by Urban Eden with rose, sandalwood, vanilla and cardamom that smells divine as well. I have tried the Mirasol Farm and Featherheart trading creams. I also have some scrubs to use up, and after I do I will check out Gabriel's Aunt. (Also try the perfume Encens Blanc by Gabriel's aunt. A fantastic, smoky incense scent that I love.)

  2. i love this! my fav has to be the Lavender Patchouli Soap. just the sound of it makes me want to take a nice long bath :D

  3. Hey Sweetie! Thanks for listing The Scented Djinn's butters on your found items that are still worth using. Though there isn't anything like the Spiced Chocolate Jasmine Butter at the shop at the moment, there are a couple of other things, a soothing relaxation butter and a slumber butter with a really nice lavender worked into it. I'm thrilled to know the products made it through a whole year unscathed and still fresh :)

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks SS i will take a look at Encens Blanc by Gabriel's aunt.