Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How did you discover ETSY?

I visited the hair forums and blogs often and I never said a word in them I just lurk and someone posted on some hair accessory that she purchase on ETSY so I joined took a look around got some stuff and it was a done deal I fell in love with ETSY, buying from small business, buying natural, supporting people like me with good positive vibes and outlook it gave me a one on one connection with the sellers even though I was buying on line. Now how did you get introduce to ETSY and what was your first purchase from them? My first purchase from ETSY was from Gazzu.


  1. I love this post. I first found out about Etsy in a computer lab in my dept. when I was working on my Ph.D. Someone had left a flyer for their shop near the computer. I went to the website because I was curious, and then I started looking around and saw all of the fabulous handmade products. I always bought handmade from fairs, but this was truly a world fair with all of the sellers vending internationally. My first purchase was from LaCastellana for these unique and earthy bamboo earrings made in Colombia:

    I really couldn't imagine my life without Etsy. It has really changed how I make purchases, what gifts I give, and my skin has improved so much.

  2. I am an etsy junkie!! I don't even remember how I discovered them...I think through my addiction to handmade soaps..then it was a wrap
    artfire rocks too!

  3. Thanks SS and Amina Etsy is sure a one stop shop.