Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vireo Part Two


The composition on Hedone is well constructed and illustrates great romance and strength. The story of timeless love that is what Hedone brings to me, as a child watching black and white films the glam of a time unforgotten. A solid foundation of the sacred and very pricey Agarwood that lends a dark resinous and oriental note to this solid perfume cream , this balances perfectly with four different roses and laces well over other notes of frankincense, myrrh, orange, labdanum and vanilla.
The opening of Hedone is somewhat rich and spicy it warms up nicely on my skin, wear this perfume cream when you’re feeling romantic, sultry and like a sex kitten.


A meditative oil home grown, home brew sweet grass infusion, with a lending hand from other essential of lavender, clary sage and vanilla that come alive when applied to skin warm, sweet and relaxing. Other notes of hay and carrot seed on the dry down without reading the ingredient list I smelled oakmoss but I guess hay and carrot seed will give that impression. Wear this when you’re going to meditate, do a little yoga or to bed. HUM

Lapsang Tea
Black Lapsang Tea infusion sets the tone this is a smoky, fruity smell. Mix it with a little vanilla, mix it with a little rose use it on its own. It’s good like that and so very different from anything you've used in the past. Wear this whenever you take your next nature walk to the park and enjoy as the sun warms your skin and the scent of Lapsang Tea sings scented melodies. Enjoy



  1. Wow, Hedone sounds amazing. I will have to try this one when she lists it again. Sweetgrass is definitely a meditative calming blend. I think of it as a lullaby.

  2. SS, Hedone is amazing and I do hope she makes more, I know you love Sweetgrass it is some good stuff to get you relax and ready for bed or whenever you would like to calm down.

  3. I am again so honored by your beautiful kind words.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Love and peace to you all!