Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Health & Skin Care Wednesday


Not only does this Essential oil smell absolutely divine and very costly but it is a gem for problem skin, neroli improves elasticity, reduces thread veins, softens wrinkles and scars. Neroli is one of nature’s most effective antidepressant oils as well. Produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree Neroli is gently uplifting, calming and provides a sense of well-being, rejuvenating effect on the skin and has the ability to stimulate the growth of new and healthy cells. In my eyes this is a power essence with many use and benefits, so the next time your down take a sniff of this fine oil and use it in your skin care from time to time in a hydrosol or a serum. I recommend Nerola Verde to scent the body, Jasmine Neroli Rose Body Oil is lovely one to apply after your bath. Good luck finding Neroli facial oil, Eleeleneetha had one the other day that is a treat for your skin and senses but it’s not listed any more so keep on the lookout.


I am back in the gym yea and it feels very refreshing, am I the only one that likes to apply something uplifting or calming to accompany me to the gym. Yesterdays choice was this Eau De Cologne Spray from eleneetha shop and guess what it has the most zesty lemonade scent that just gets me perky and it also has Neroli in it blink blink. Yesterdays work out was legs 5 reps of 10 for each exercise I call this the burn out mission when you reach your breaking point and you push yourself to the limit. I do 10 min on the uphill before each workout and after each workout and I also stretch. Exercise gets the blood flowing and that’s a good thing and it also make you feel and look good, so I say make time for a little cardio and thanks to SS for the push.


  1. I LOVE neroli. I have the Jasmine Neroli Rose oil and it is fantastic. The sample of Nerola Verde I have is great, too.

    Exercise is important, and I've started working out 6 days a week as of a couple of weeks ago. I am adjusted to it now and starting to reap the benefits! Keep going with it.

  2. SS,
    Thanks to you i am back on the ball.