Friday, November 2, 2012

October Super Fragrant Coconut Cream Soap

I took a bath yesterday in the plushest bubbles ever, i so miss homemade bar soap. The scent on this one is very complex, a very newly made cedar chest not the faded one that your grandmother has up in the attic, but newly made and freshly carved.

And in this cedar chest you store all your forbidden herbs, root, moss and resin.


  1. Sounds perfect for a fall evening. I love handmade soap, as you know. Why do you miss it? Did you stop purchasing it for some reason?

    My favorite soapmakers (in alphabetical order) are Botanica Bath, Eleneetha, The Northwoods Goat, U-Naturally, and Urban Eden.

    1. I've not purchase anything much for myself as of late as i make most of the things that i use. I use to have a box of Eleneetha soap under my bed i miss those days.