Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clay Toothpaste

Everyone is going crazy over my clay toothpaste and wants me to sell it. When I am finish testing it I will look into selling it. So happy you guys love brushing your teeth with mud see I am not the only crazy one lets all be crazy and healthy together.

Did you know that fluoride is toxic and not fit for human consumption, fluoride is lightly more toxic than lead say what. Propylene glycol another one to stay away from is an active component in antifreeze and can rapidly absorb through the skin. Glycerin in toothpaste will stick to teeth and block your saliva from doing what it does best helps clear your mouth of any food particles left on the surface of the tooth.

After each meal you need to restore the pH balance in your mouth if you’re on the go rinse your mouth with water after each meal and most importantly if you’re eating lots of fruit. Himalayan salt also helps to restore the pH and alkaline balance in your mouth.

If toothpaste and fluoride was so good for us why do we have so many problems of the mouth and the need to go to the dentist so often? If all is not well in our mouth you’re off balance and you get sick easily because your immune system is down. I won’t even get into the dangers of mouth wash that’s for another day.


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