Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catch Up

I've been playing catch up this week reading all my bloggers blog post and at the same time trying to stay off the computers after i leave work. I need a brake form this computer at times it takes up half your time and to be honest most of the time i am looking at junk so it’s time to get things in order.

I did a numerology reading on myself the other night and it is so dead on, i mean it was a little scary reading it its almost like its living out my life for me of who i am and who i've been up until now.

Have you tried? If not you’re in for a treat, i still have a few more steps to go but let’s just say it was a crazy experience. I did it on my brother as well and it read him like a book.


  1. How did you do the numerology reading? Sounds interesting!

    And yes, I try to limit computer time too, but it's tough. Have a great weekend with your sisters.

    1. I will put the numerology link on the blog.