Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shea Terra Organics

 I treated myself to a few treats and also took advantage of 30% off, it took a wile to get my package and that was the only bad thing about this treat other than that I am happy as happy can be. Items were well packaged and products are stored in glass containers that's a plus and I also received a few samples with my order,  also note that this is not my first time ordering from Shea Terra.
 I got a few things for my hair that I will be reviewing over on Curly Mane so be on the look out for that, now lets get to the other treats first Frankincense Meditation sugar scrub talk about a spa experience in the shower last night. As of lately I have been very lazy and not pampering myself like I used to, the sugar scrub smelled like I was in a different country at a very expensive retreat in Morocco (a girl can dream, can't she?). This was not greasy thank you Shea Terra I did not feel like I was in a slip and slide in my shower, it also contained volcanic stone that help  in polishing my skin. At the end of my shower I was so relax, clean and very soft.
 Treat number 2 Gingered pumpkin whipped body creme need I say more, this smells so yummy and even thought its a foody scent its very grown up and not over powering, the texture I have to get use to, it rubs in on contact almost feels like your not apply any product to you skin but do not be fooled its doing its job and its very good at it. My skin was moisturized for the entire day no itchie feeling of dry skin around mid day and the scent last as well but only when I take my arms up to my nose to sniff.  
Rose water ester-c collagen regeneration facial mist I am just a sucker for hydrosol.

I think I will be giving out Shea Terra treats to everyone on my list this holiday
Take advantage of 30% off with code nov30
Shea Terra Organic


  1. I've been eying their products for a while. Both sound so delicious!

  2. They are Yummy and the 30% off helps they have that special monthly. If you try any let me know