Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Chapter, Organics, Every Woman's One Daily

Bad Picture but these are my new vitamin by New Chapter, Organics, Every Woman's One Daily. I was so sick last week and I knew it’s also because I do not take vitamin so I did some research and decided to try these. One of the reasons I purchase these were because it’s Certified Organic Multi Vitamin + Herbs + Minerals and also most of the reviews on this brand was very good.

It’s a bit expensive but sometime it’s better to buy quality and I have been taking them for a week now and the only thing to do not like about tablets are it’s just too BIG and I have a hard time getting them down on the plus side these have a smooth texture that helps with this problem. I have more energy, I do not get that funny feeling you get sometimes when you take supplement I don’t feel like I am on the edge.

Purchased at Iherb, 72 Tablets for $41.96 and also first time customer get $5 off your purchase and free shipping on US orders over $40.


  1. MY FAVORITE VITAMIN as well - I use this or the prenatal vitamin. Awesome!

  2. Yes SS said she use the Prenatal viatamin as well i will buy that one next when i am out of the one that i am using now