Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living Libations

Fountain of Youth

Best Skin Ever
What a name,but they live up to it. The first time I used this oil cleanser that also doubles  as a moisturizer and triples and exfoliate one bottle for all your needs they say, so let's see how it works. It does and I was amazed at how soft my face was, clear and glowing so radiant and it smells yummy I got the chocolate best skin ever oil as they do carry a few others and they all look and sound so good it was very hard to just chose one so the shopper in me got the seabuckthorn best skin ever I use these oils to cleans/exfoliate depending on how much pressure you apply with a bamboo or hemp face cloth and also to moisturize skin after cleansing.

I have been looking into this  line for the longest and wanted to try all the products that they carry but the prices are on the costly side but  now I know why they do not skim on quality they bring it and set the bar high for other companies that claim to be all organic. Now that I've look into to it you get your money's worth because you get high quality products and a little goes a long way.

I love making my own products yes and the ingredient looks simple enough but I do not know what it is but I don't think it would be the same if I tried my hands at it. This product is simple divine skin loving goodness. 

This range covers all your personal needs, and also covers internal needs with serious vibrations to make you feel good and just smile for the rest of the day because you're on the Living Libations truth juice.

Another reason for not trying their line is because they are located in Canada and I was not in the mood to pay for the shipping cost, one day while searching the web I came across a blog review on living libation best skin ever and at the end she had a 10% discount off when you place a $150 purchase from I was like OK cool so when I start playing I see that Living Earth Beauty has free shipping if you spent $99 so it was on.


  1. Cleaning oils are so good for the skin. Are you still using Skin Apotheke products?

  2. Yes i still use Skin Apotheke products, i will some need to reorder from her as well, i did a marble peel from the line yesterday and my skin was revived.