Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let Your Light Shine with Dawn to Dusk

The talented Dawn said yes she will partake in my first Let Your Light Shine series for the new year, i am so grateful that she took the time to answer my questions. Get you a cup of tea relax and enjoy this interview as we go into the world of Dawn to Dusk. 
Now tell us about the hands behind Dawn to Dusk
Ok, here goes :)
My name is Dawn, a nature girl at heart. Dawn To Dusk was born in 2008. My best friend came up with the name Dawn to Dusk for me. Although, I wasn't all that enthused to have my name in my business name it had sentimental value now. 

I consider myself an artist, struggling, yes!  But, nonetheless love working for myself.  I am in real estate and also work inside a real estate office to make ends meet.   My goal is to expand and hopefully cut out that office job all together.   

In 2005 I changed my son’s diet to help him with focusing at school.  He was diagnosed with ADHD and I wanted to try the holistic way as to not dose him with meds.  It seemed to work out.  It was only a little time before everything we were using was organic or natural in some way.   I took a small course and learned the basics then started mixing. This can be a very rewarding and discouraging experience as it was for me at first.  It actually took me a year to come up with one perfume.  Not what I had expected. I had a log with every family members name on it and when I would make a perfume I would ask “rate this from 1 to 10”, and they would. My husband usually liking 1 out of 10 my son liking 9 out of 10, I was very confused.

How does a scent brew tell us what inspires you to create?
I am inspired by scents you don’t find over the counter.  I am also inspired by nature and the immense power of aromatherapy.  Sometimes it just takes a sniff of a new absolute to turn on all my senses, getting me started on something new.  Other times it’s a lot of imagination at work.  In either case I think it turns out best when a lot of thought and even a story goes behind the new scent.

How do you create tell us about the steps
When I create a scent, it is sometimes a “mystery scent” that someone is trying to recreate from their past.  I have a lot of fun trying to concoct these elusive scents for people. Then the most rewarding is actually to get it right!   Other than that I would just after my usual “sniffing to death” my new absolutes and wonder “what would this go with?” or “what would really bring the beauty of this out?”, then blend a few together and make a decision.  I have had my most popular scents my just purely making something that I would wear, instead of trying to figure out what everybody else out there wants, it’s usually right on when it comes from the heart.   I just received my order of Tonka Bean and I am dying to make something!  But, a little patience and planning never hurt anyone.  I know whatever it is will smell edible when it’s done.

When did you know that this was your calling?

I knew this was my calling when I succeeded in making my first perfume “Viva La Creme”.  This was loved by all that wore it. 
Break down the love that's put into your creation 
My love for perfume making is never-ending.  Making a new scent is one of the things that calms me down, kind of like picking up a good book.   Although my coach told me “Dawn, stick to 3 perfumes and NO MORE!!”  I guess to keep me from going hay wire, but I didn’t listen, I would make more and more.  She finally realized I couldn’t be stopped.
Share a skin care recipe or a fragrant blend with us 
A perfect skin care recipe that is inexpensive and easy to do at home is turbinado sugar and olive oil, take this into the shower for a perfect exfoliating extravaganza, you can also use organic virgin coconut oil as well.  Exfoliating will also allow any moisturizers to absorb more efficiently.    

What is your favorite essence to work with? 
My favorite essence to work with is so far, do I have to name only one? It’s tough but it’s Organic Vetiver. You can wear this alone or mix with anything for a sultry smoky perfume.  I also love Fir Balsam, my nick name for that is furry balls.  I use it in just about everything I blend. I cannot get enough of the smell, although if I have my best friend smell it from the bottle he wants to heave. I don’t get that. Vanilla bourbon is another fave.  I have more but you said one so I’ll stop now ;) 
What is your little black fragrance, the one your reach for the most, the one you cannot live without?
My little black fragrance is Pixie-Chouli.  I wear it out and get so many compliments.  I had a friend tell me it was the best thing she has ever smelled.  It’s a unisex blend as most of the Pentagonal Patchouli set is.
Share with us a scent that brings back memories
I would say my patchouli blends take me back very far where my friends would wear nothing but the straight up Patchouli, no mix to tone it down.

What to expect from Dawn to Dusk in the future 
What you can expect from Dawn To Dusk  in the near future is upgraded packaging, body butters, lip balms and sugar scrubs, all things I love to use!   I am hoping to expand to other things as well.  A name “addition” will also be added very, very soon.